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Colour Psychology
Colour Psychology

We don’t choose our favourite colours on a whim, have you noticed? Have you also noticed how your favourite colours change with time or your station in life? Colours and emotion go hand in hand. Which is why colour psychology has become an important tool in a number of fields.

Colours can dramatically influence your feelings, emotions and mood – even your OOTD! After all, at a metal concert you’d not opt for a pristine white fit, would you? Read ahead for the deets on a few staple colours, what emotions they evoke and how they play into your outfit!

As White as snow

White is generally associated with serenity, purity, freshness, and simplicity. After an especially tiring day, don’t you just want to put on your cleanest, pristine white PJs and drift off? If the bedding’s white too, a bonus! It’s safe and fresh, channeling the peace you need for a quality shut eye.

White is the ideal colour to stand on its own on a hot, summer day AND to neutralise an entire out-there look. Want to wear bright pink pants and statement jewellery? Add a white crop top and it’ll balance it out! 

Colour Psychology

As Red as blood

This fiery colour exudes intense emotions: love, power and passion. It’s strong, sexy, confident and always leaving a mark! Why else do we strategically use our bold red lipsticks? For anything related to romance and desire, we never think twice before selecting red. Think Valentine’s Day outfits.

To leave an impression, exude confidence in an office party too, a red fitted dress is your go-to! Red colour psychology is all about bold, passionate emotions, grabbing spotlight and making a statement!

Colour Psychology

As Black as ebony

Black has the strength of every colour in the spectrum and that in itself symbolises power. Other than that it is the embodiment of attractiveness, sophistication and elegance.

For a fancy night out, our little black dresses do the talking! We are naturally confident and snap ourselves in various power poses we don’t intentionally strike. The confidence oozes out because of the way you perceive yourself in the fit. For example, do you not feel sexier in a petite black babydoll? Black is strong, powerful yet sophisticated and classy at the same time. Not to forget, an everyday go-to for most of us!

Colour Psychology

As Yellow as sun

If sugar, spice and everything nice were a colour, it’d be yellow. Happy, energetic, attention-grabbing, warm, cheerful, are but some of the emotions that we associate with this pretty hue. Pops of yellow decor, a sunflower-coloured top, and the famous yellow umbrella from HIMYM, all shout happiness.

Yellow colour psychology revolves mostly around instantly lifting someone’s mood and spreading hope. On a dark winter day, wear a yellow sweater and it’ll not only warm your body but your soul too!

Yellow Colour Psychology

As Pink as Peony

Pink has a variety of shades, we don’t need to tell you that! Magenta, carnation, baby pink, fuchsia pink, and the list is never ending. It is all things cute, bubbly, and girly. Don a bright pink pair of sunglasses or tube top on your day out, and it is automatically a vibrant, energetic day. A pastel pink pair of lingerie, and the air is filled with sweet romance.

How many times have we assigned pink to all things feminine and sweet? Pink walls for girl babies, pink dresses, toys and so much more. At present however, pink is no longer a trademark of the fairer sex. Irrespective of gender, some of the lighter shades are relaxing and so, often opted for nightwear.

Colour Psychology

Who’d have thought a simple thing such as colour could have so much meaning behind it! All things considered, we should be mindful of the hues we pick for our OOTD or OOTN.  What now you ask? Get all the colours you want  from Zivame! While you’re at it, here’s an interesting read: 5 Colours That Boost Workout Performance. Intrigued? Read here!

We hope you drench yourselves in happy hues and brighten your days!

Ananya Endow