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Feminine hygiene is not spoken about enough. We usually shy away from topics that concern us so intimately. Well, it is time to break the silence! Feminine hygiene greatly affects us ladies. Discussing public loo etiquette, essential period products and personal hygiene is important. Being equipped with a few tips can ensure we stay clean and away from unnecessary infections and discomfort. Here are a few pointers that can help you keep your feminine hygiene top-notch in the long run:

Toilet seat spray:

Using a public washroom? Try using a toilet seat spray that sanitizes your seat before use. Many of us know that public washrooms can be a breeding ground for germs and can cause painful UTIs. Of course, you can always avoid it altogether but for emergencies, a toilet seat spray can be the saviour you need! You can also use a toilet seat cover for added measure. Now you know why our handbags need to be roomy!

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Pee-Buddy Waterproof Toilet Seat Cover

Intimate wash:

Long working hours and sweaty summer days can lead to itching and discomfort down there. Using an Intimate Wash is a highly effective way to keep your privates clean and odour free. Unlike soaps, it helps balance the ph levels of your nether regions and keeps you itch-free! You stay squeaky clean and the refreshing smell is just an added bonus! Start and end your day the right way by incorporating an Intimate Wash in your care collection. 

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Spotting vaginal discharge or blood on your panties, while normal, is not a pleasant experience. Panty liners can be very helpful for combating that icky, wet feeling, and make for great travel companions. Of course, for heavy period flow you should switch to sanitary napkins, tampons or menstrual cups. 

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Period essentials

We all have used sanitary napkins and tampons- let us talk about lesser-known products that are highly effective and great for women on the go. 

Menstrual cup:

A menstrual cup is worn like a tampon. This soft cup made of medical-grade silicone, latex and is inserted inside the vagina. It can retain around 15 ml of menstrual blood so it can be comfortably worn for 8-10 hours. The task can seem daunting at first but it is fairly simple to use once you get the hang of it! It is medically safe for you to wear and can be used over a long period of time.

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Period panties: For ladies who are not comfortable with sanitary napkins, tampons or menstrual cups- period panties are a blessing for you! These extraordinary panties are thicker and reinforced with an absorbent layer to keep you safe during your period. These can be washed and reused as well. 

There is a whole host of feminine hygiene products that can help you stay safe and clean. Head to Zivame and buy your favourites today!

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