UncategorizedTips & Tricks for Wearing Stick-On Bras

Women who dare to bare understand how difficult it is to find the right bra for the occasion. A peeking bra band or visible straps can kill the whole look. And sometimes a strapless bra just doesn’t cut it. If you are a fan of wearing backless dresses, plunging necklines, halter necks, off-shoulder tops and find yourself wanting more than just a strapless bra-  all you need is a Stick-On Bra!

Stick-On Bras are strapless and backless bras that do what they say. They simply stick to your breasts and go completely invisible under your outfits. They are created with self-adhesive cups that provide support and shaping without the back band or hooks. That sounds amazing, right!?  It truly is!

Zivame has a whole host of amazing Stick-On Bras that come in various designs and sizes ( BE) to suit your style. These are made of nylon or silicone and provide low, 3/4th or full coverage. The nylon bras are padded (for no nipple show) and are available in wire-free or wired variety. The silicone bras provide a moderate push-up effect. All the Stick-On Bras pair very well with outfits that show off your shoulders, cleavage and back.

In case, you are concerned about how well the Stick-On Bra performs, you need to know how to wear it properly. It can be a little tricky for novices but there is nothing that a few practice sessions can’t solve. 

Here are a few nifty tips and tricks to keep in mind while wearing a Stick- On Bra:

Ensure your bust and sides are dry as it will affect the longevity of the adhesive on your Stick- On Bra. A slippery or wet canvas may cause the bra to slip and slide- we don’t want that!

First, undo the clasp- you are in for a disaster (read: sloppy shape) if you skip this step. 

Second, forget the regular bra-wearing technique for a minute. This is not a regular bra so wearing it will not be a regular task either. Your aim is to stick the bra on your breast. It is advisable to tackle one breast at a time. 

Position the cup of the Stick-On Bra vertically on your breast. The clasp should be facing downwards. Now, start sticking the cup from your underboob, lifting your breasts gently and moving upwards. Repeat on the other side.

Next, smooth over any air gaps or wrinkles. Ensure you are happy with the coverage, else adjust the bra. Ensure your breasts are adequately stuck to the bra. Once you are satisfied, bring the front clasp/laces together and fasten it.  Voila! Welcome to the world of Stick-On Bras

Once you are done with wearing the bra, unclasp it and gently peel it off from top to bottom. 

Take great care of your Stick-On Bra to ensure the adhesive lasts long. Hand wash it and dry it on a solid surface- don’t hang it. Lastly, store it in a dust-free place. 

Girls, get ready to introduce the Stick-On Bra to your lingerie wardrobe and show-off your best assets with confidence! Head to Zivame and choose from our expansive collection today!

Team Zivame