UncategorizedFlaunt Your Curves With Zivame’s True Curv Collection

Curvy girl problems are real especially when it comes to lingerie. Lack of sizes, lack of styles and designs – there are so many issues we have to deal with! If you are a curvy woman, you have probably wished to have a smaller bust just to fit into sexy lingerie, right? We hear you, girlfriend! We are on a mission to simplify and remove curvy girl problems from your life. Presenting, Zivame’s True Curv Collection- designed especially for women with gorgeous curves!

Sizes, sizes, sizes: Women come in all sizes ranging from petite to full-figured. So, it’s a real mystery why there is a lack of Bras in bigger sizes in the market. With Zivame, this is not an issue at all! Our True Curv Bras cater to women in sizes up to 44E. Yes, you heard that right! 44E! The True Curv Bras are designed with you, your body and your comfort in mind.

Coverage and fit: Lack of coverage and ill-fitting Bras are public enemy number two for curvy girls. We are all too familiar with side and top spillage, back bulges, digging straps and poor fit. Zivame’s Curvy Bras are the answer to all your problems. The True Curv Collection has a number of Bras that fit every curvy woman’s needs. Full coverage? Check! Wide straps and broad back band, check! Want wired support, we got it! Don’t want it? We got that too. Pads or no pads,  you are free to choose! We have everything you need.

Style variety: Like mentioned above, the True Curv Collection has styles and types of Bras that every curvy beauty needs in her wardrobe. Let’s start with Minimisers. The Minimiser Bra redistributes your breast tissues evenly to make your bust look smaller. This way you look less top heavy and sleek. It’s amazing to wear with every Indian or western outfit and the comfort lasts you all day long.

If coverage has always been an issue for you, try the Super Support Bra. This Bra is engineered with a unique 4-way support system designed especially for curvy women. You get all over coverage and support, all in one Bra! Another amazing Bra is the Sag lift Bra which is constructed in a way that keeps your bust lifted and perky. It is amazing for women with heavy breasts and can prevent future sagging.

Designs and colours: A common complaint amongst curvy women is that their Bras aren’t cute. They always seem so plain and boring. But not with Zivame! Here, you get the brightest colours, boldest designs and the cutest prints in the True Curv Collection. These Bras are gorgeous & exciting and make you want to dress-up every morning and start your day with confidence and comfort.

Ladies, simplify your lingerie wardrobe with Zivame’s True Curv Collection! Head to Zivame and bring home all the styles today!


Team Zivame