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Girls, You Need This Drink Every Morning!

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It’s an unbelievably simple trick to weight loss, skin detox and so much more – and it starts with a tiny yellow, power-packed fruit! All you’ve got to do is squeeze a few drops into water and you’ve got yourself a tasty treat, with great medicinal value!

Yes ladies, we’re talking about lemon water! So, get juicing, ‘cos we give you the lowdown on why, how ‘n when you should make yourself this refreshing beverage to savour the benefits!

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Now you know what EVERY popular girl drank in high school!

With all these benefits, you won’t say no to this healthy tonic!

Get detoxified: Lemon water cleanses your system and aids the liver in flushing out unwanted toxins.

Kick up your immunity: Since lemon has Vitamin C, it strengthens the immunity! It’s anti-microbial properties help in fighting our most-hated ailments – common cold and flu.

Shed those kilos: Chug down a glass of lemon water on an empty stomach, it can naturally boost your metabolism, dissolve fat, and aid in weight loss.

Get a healthy glow: Lemon water helps in firming up the skin and battling blemishes.

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What’s more, it never takes more than 4 seconds to make!

Squeeze half a fresh lemon in a glass of 200ml water, preferably at room temperature and drink! It’s that easy! But, during chilly winters, we suggest you warm up the water for best results!

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An early morning drink: You may sleep through the night like a baby, but in reality – your body is being deprived of water and your internal machinery is slowing down! Sounds bad, right? But don’t worry – to give it a kick-start, just begin the day with a glass of fresh lemon water.

Half an hour before lunch: Before you get ready to scarf down your mid-day meal, why not take a glass of lemon water! It aids in better absorption of iron and helps in preventing anaemia too!

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Wait, is lemon water really good for YOU?

Who should avoid this drink: If you suffer from hyper-acidity, acid reflux or heart burn, then ladies, you should avoid this drink.

Who should make it their go-to drink: Have a slow metabolism or poor digestion? Don’t think twice before making it a part of your daily routine.

Before you swear by it, read this!

You may have heard that lemon water affects the bones – but rest easy, it hasn’t been scientifically proved. The caveat, however, is that lemon water should not be taken in large quantities, especially if you value your teeth!

We recommend two-three glasses of this incredible detox drink to work wonders on your body and mind! So, what are you waiting for? Cheers!

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