Lifestyle6 Panty Problems Only We Girls Can Understand!

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We’ve all been through those days where we’re constantly cursing our panties! Either for showing through our dresses or for riding up and making us uncomfortable! Ladies, don’t hate ‘em – replace ‘em! We show you how to get rid of these panty problems in no time at all!

#1 Panties Riding Up – The Higher They Get, The Angrier We Get
Ever been caught pulling at your panty in public? It’s embarrassing, we agree! Next time, go for boyshorts or high coverage styles that won’t ride up. If they keep the anger at bay, they’re meant to stay!

#2 Love Handles – You Just Can’t Love ‘Em
Want to disguise those love handles and smoothen your waistline? You need tummy tuckers! These high-rise panties have a broad waistband that shape your waist and tuck in that tummy!

#3 Visible Panty Lines – The Worst Of The Lot
Suddenly realised the outline of your panty is showing through your pants? Don’t fret – We’ve got a cure! Opt for seamless laser cut panties that stay invisible or wear thongs that ensure no-show!

#4 Dampness – Say Goodbye To Discomfort  
Dampness making you uncomfortable? Go for panties with a cotton gusset for hygiene! FYI: a gusset is a small patch of breathable fabric lining the panty that absorbs moisture and keeps you fresh and comfy!

#5 Muffin Tops – Every Girl’s Biggest Annoyance
Tight waistbands causing bulging over your panties? Then it’s time you toss them! Save yourself the frustration over muffin tops and try panties with a broad waistband that will keep the bulge concealed!

#6 Peeking Waistband – Peek-a-boo Isn’t Cool 
Do your panties constantly seek the spotlight by peeking over the top of your jeans? How about low-rise styles with a narrow waistband – you’re sure to keep your panties in your pants!

Remember, as long as you’re wearing the right size and style, no panty is your enemy! Take a look at some of our newest styles below!

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