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Hair mask ingredients

A good hair day exponentially impacts our mood, day – even productivity, wouldn’t you agree? But constant exposure to pollution, experimentation and heating tools make it pretty challenging to experience said GHD! Enter: hair mask.

Choosing a hair mask with the right ingredients can be a daunting task. The best way to choose is first identifying your hair needs and then picking the best-suited mask. Still confused? Read on for more clarity & lustrous, lustrous hair!

Thirsty? Not Anymore!

If your hair struggles with acute dryness, quench the thirst with a hydrating mask. Essentially, the goal is to provide as much hydration as we can, from roots to tips and a hair mask is that intense jolt of hydration.

You can pick a mask that specialises in hydration or one that has pea protein in it. A few other ingredients to consider for this hair type are coconut oil, vitamin e, shea butter, banana and honey. Argan oil is a highly nourishing agent as well!

A step ahead of conditioners, hydrating masks build a protective layer to prevent loss of moisture. This boost of hydration leaves your hair with a shiny, healthy, voluminous sheen!

Hair mask

Less Oily, More Squeaky-Clean

For all the flat-haired ladies: wallow not, we see you. Sometimes, we get so carried away talking about dry, damaged hair, that we forget the overly nourished hair type. Oil and sebum build-up are at an accelerated speed for some and it’s not fun. How do we remove that without stripping the hair of nourishment?  

Exfoliate but with love! Use masks that are rich in apple cider vinegar, lavender & tea tree oils, activated charcoal, kaolin mud extract – even coffee! These are a few key ingredients that help remove undesirable build-up and promote a healthy and clean scalp.

However, mix a few nourishing ingredients in the solution as well, like avocado or olive oil and vitamin e to have a healthy nourish-exfoliate balance.

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Damn the Damage!

Here’s the truth: no matter how much we love experimenting with our hair, the products WILL cast a dark shadow on the quality. Fried, brittle ends, and dullness are but just some of the nightmares we all dread. Does that mean we give up on colourful dreams? No! We just need smooth armour to protect them.

For protection against dust, repair damage, and improved elasticity choose a mask that includes omega 3 fatty acid, argan oil, avocado oil, olive oil and honey. Another magic potion to revive damaged hair is monoi oil. It has long been in the beauty book and is extremely effective in undoing natural damage.

Likewise, ceramide-infused masks help prevent hair breakage and promote growth. Choose masks that guarantee a bond-building experience with proteins like keratin, collagen, egg and milk protein.

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Ready for your spa day now? Lustrous mane awaits you in just a few steps and a wee bit of TLC! Remember the golden rules: Once a week. After shampoo, before conditioning. Marinate and wash off with cold water. So, identify your hair needs and mask up right here at Zivame!

Ananya Endow