UncategorizedHere’s What You Should Wear On Your Wedding Night

We know there are butterflies in your stomach, what with the wedding festivities coming to an end and you finally getting to spend some alone time with your life partner. Officially – as a married couple! 

Excitements about what to wear on that very special night are legit. And along with the excitement comes the worry of choosing the right outfit. Fret not ladies, we’ve got you covered.

Few Things To Keep in Mind Before Shopping

Before you get shopping, it is crucial for you to take note of the following ‘musts’ so that you do not end up buying something that makes you uncomfortable or has no use soon after the occasion. 

  • To start with, always choose comfort over anything else. You may always take into account what your partner would like, but nothing goes beyond your own comfort and confidence.
  • Another essential thing to keep in mind is your lingerie’s reusability. Gone are the days of use once-and-discard. Now we invest in pieces that we can wear multiple times, right ladies?
  • Last but not the least, never compromise on the size and fitting. At the end of the day, the right fit is the sole game-changer, while the wrong fit can botch up your entire look as well as confidence.

What To Wear On First Wedding Night?

  • High-Waisted Lace Panty and Bra – You cannot go wrong with a dainty set of bra and underwear embellished with laces. It is the most foolproof investment for your first wedding night. They also add a drool-worthy vintage vibe to your entire look. 

  • Satin Robe – If there is one piece of lingerie that preserves your modesty as well as makes you look irresistible, it is undeniably a Satin Robe. You can literally have the best of both worlds here. 

  • Lacy Bralette with Matching Panty – Lace Bralettes are always in vogue and matching panties with one of these regal delicate beauties can amp up your wedding night look to a whole new level.

  • The Teddy – A little reveal and a little left to your partner’s imagination – while that’s what a Teddy does on your wedding night. A bustier on top and a flowy fabric underneath gives you a sexy silhouette and makes you look extremely hot!

  • Camisoles & Shorts – Some of you might prefer cute over sexy. In that case, a comfy camisole with a cute pair of shorts does perfectly fine. The joys of unwinding in something as comfy as this with your partner are unmatched.

  • Satin Pyjama Set – Satin is a clear winner when talking about bridal boudoir. It is soft, sultry and stunning. So, a Satin Pyjama Set is pretty much a must-have for all our blushing brides out there. 

  • Lace Bodysuit with Nice Cut-Outs – Bodysuits have made a grand entry into every bride’s wedding night outfit wishlist. They hug your curves naturally and help you flaunt those killer curves like none other. If you want a little more tease, try out the lacy ones with bold cut-outs.

  • Chemise – Chemises bring out your femininity in a graceful way. So, if you are planning to wear one of these for your wedding night but aren’t yet convinced, let us reassure you to not have second thoughts! 

  • G-String – G-strings are synonymous to sexy. An ideal fit for your first wedding night. 

  • Bustier – Need a little push and lift to achieve a perfectly shaped look for your wedding night? In that case, a Bustier will undoubtedly be your best bet.

Spoilt with options? Well, we promised to offer you nothing less than a big bang! Go on ladies – get set shopping!

Team Zivame