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Time to Give Thongs a Try

Most women stick to one style of underwear for most, if not all of their life. They figure out what feels comfortable and then purchase the same kind, over and over again. We are here to assure you that this is not the ideal way to go about creating a collection of interesting and diverse undergarments.

Different outfits require different undergarments, in order to get a better look and feel. The kind we will be telling you about today are the thongs, which are also known as the G-string, C-string, T-front and cheeky.

Thong panties resemble a bikini bottom from the front and at the back. It typically consists of a thin waistband and strip of cloth that is designed to be worn between the buttocks. The modern thongs for women can be credited to Rudi Gernreich, who first designed them in the 1960s. Since then, ladies’ thongs have become the ultimate option in minimal lingerie that feels like you are wearing nothing at all. It is said that once you try them on, you will not go back, so keep reading to know more about them.

How Thongs make things better

You can now easily buy thongs online and here are the advantages of owning this type:

  1. Versatile - Their increasing popularity is not without reason. Thongs are very lightweight and suit certain clothes unlike any other, such as skinny jeans, leggings, yoga pants, fitted skirts and bodycon dresses. Apart from that, while they are definitely skimpy, thongs do away with the rear cleavage.

  2. Invisible - Once you become aware of panty lines, it is as if you can see them on every outfit you wear. They can ruin your entire look, your silhouette and most importantly, your confidence to wear clothes that show your figure off. But there is no need to fear because you can wear a thong and such problems will be gone. This discreet garment provides a seamless and smooth finish.

  3. Comfort - Many women stay away from thongs because of the common misconception that they are uncomfortable to wear. But this is exactly the opposite of the fact. Finding the ones that are a perfect fit for you will ensure that you do not even know that they are there. In addition, you will find, on Zivame, panties in the softest fabrics which feel great against the skin.

  4. Feel-Good Factor - Spending fun and intimate moments with your significant other is something every woman looks forward to. So along with sexy bras, this time around, reach for a flirty thong to accompany them. Whether you are chilling by the pool or are indoors, it is sure to be a surprise you both can enjoy. After all, looking good has everything to do with feeling fantastic.

  5. Stays Put - Most regular styles of underwear such as boyshorts, bikinis, and so on tend to feel bulky. This is especially true where fitted ensembles are concerned. But thongs are a blessing because they are sleek. You do not, therefore, have to deal with them riding up or bunching up in an unwanted place. All you need do is wear them and you are sorted for the day.

Shop for Irresistible Intimatewear on Zivame

We are overjoyed to be known as the Mecca for beautifully crafted innerwear that serves something for every stage of a woman’s life. Whether you are looking for thongs for women online or other types of panties and bras, we have them all. We provide you with discreet packaging, dispatch within a day, and easy fifteen days returns and exchanges.

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