UncategorizedHow To Dress Like A Beach Girl?

How hard can it be to dress for a trip to the beach? A swimsuit, loose ‘n flowy outfit, lots of sunscreen, rubber sandals and we’re good to go, right?

Ah, if only it were that easy!

It’s best to pick out beach attire based on what you plan to do there. A game of beach volleyball versus a seaside picnic could need completely different looks! Well, don’t worry; we give you three fabulous styles that are perfectly beach-ready, insta-worthy and oh-so-sexy!


The ‘Splash & Run’ Look

Feel like no trip to the beach is complete without a dip in the sea? We agree! If you want to hit the waves and splash around, a pair of shorts and a loose tee is perfect! After all, you don’t want that pretty skirt or dress to float up when you’re waist-deep in the water! So, bring out a pair of cute lace-up shorts and wear them with a trendy spaghetti top. What’s more, add on some bold and bright accessories to make this look truly insta-worthy!


The ‘Colour Me Tanned’ Look

If your dream beach-outing is all about sun ‘n sand and you’re looking forward to the perfect tan – go for a summer dress! All you need is a hat on your head, sunglasses perched on your nose, a pair of flip-flops and that pretty bikini underneath! Oh and don’t forget to carry a beach towel and some suntan lotion!


The ‘Beach Barbecue’ Look

What’s more fun than a picnic at the beach? That’s right a full-blown barbecue party! While a dress is totally apt here, why not go for something trendier? Ladies, we’re talking about pretty little playsuits! Combining both a dress and shorts, rompers are perfect for a beach party! Pair them with matching sandals, a quirky hat and a statement bag in a contrasting colour. We’re sure you’ll love this look!

So, what kind of beach girl are you?



Team Zivame