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How To Get The No Makeup Look

No makeup look
No makeup makeup look

The no makeup look is still the talk of the town, isn’t it?  The murmur was ever-present, but  it found the spotlight again when Miss Bhatt nailed it for her wedding! And why not? It’s less time-consuming, less cakey, lets your skin breathe, highlights your best features– Need we go on? From celebrities on their big day to influencers for their daily routine, this one’s a hit! Read on for all the nitty-gritties of this most sought-after look with a special trick at the end!

Primetime Prep 

Laying the foundation right (no puns here) is a vital step for ANY look – most of all for this one. As a general rule, have a skincare routine catered to your type. Just a consistent cleansing, toning, and moisturising routine, with serum specific to your needs will do the trick.  Now before we start with the flawless no-makeup look, take 5 mins for a brightening sheet mask. Didn’t sleep well? Had a tiring day? A refreshing sheet mask will instantly replenish your skin, to say nothing of the natural, bright glow!

No makeup look

Concealed Corrections 

A face primer may not sound important, but boy is it! It smoothens your skin and makes it look air-brushed with visibly reduced pores. Choose one depending on your skin type – dewy for dry or matt finish for oily/combination skin. Next, use a CC cream to even out your skin tone, then conceal the under-eye and dark spots, if any. Top it off with some setting powder –loose or compact – and there you are, Radiance personified!

No makeup look

Eye Drama Dynamics

Your eyes always grab the spotlight;  so, let’s define them a little. First things first, make your eyebrow game strong! Shape them the way  they suit you best, then brush them evenly with a spoolie brush. Choose a colour closest to their natural shade and fill them in lightly. Remember, you don’t want to overdo it.

Next, add a nude or light brown shadow starting at the crease of your eye and BLEND! You can skip the liner if you like but wisp in mascara generously. Tip: Line your upper water line and your lashes will stand out even more. You’re welcome! Now step back and let everyone eat their hearts out with one glance at you!

No makeup makeup look

Glow up Glam

When we say glow we mean the goddess glow! 2 products that you should treat as your holy grail for the no-makeup look are bronzer and highlighter. You don’t have to buy an expensive bronzer, any warm brown tone in your contour and blush palette would work.

But for the highlight, invest in a good, liquid one for a really natural finish. You know the drill, apply  highlighter on the high points of your face and collarbone. Bronzer for colour on your temples, jaw, and cheekbones. Add a hint of blush and blend them all with all your might!

No makeup look

Lasting Lippy Love

Since your overall look is neutral you can play with colours for your lippies! Go from red to tangerine, fuchsia pink and everything in between. Just make sure they’re in sync with the fit. If you want the attention to be on just your eyes, then go with a light nude pink or mauve. But if you’re feeling frisky, just keep changing the colour as and when the mood strikes. The rest of the look will go with them all!

No makeup makeup look

Wow, don’t you look luminous! Imagine us all heart-eyed over you. Here’s the magic trick you’ve been promised: Mix a few drops of your moisturiser, CC cream and highlighter, and apply the mix at the beginning of this regime. The result would be glass skin that glows like the moon!

 So, get going, browse through Zivame’s makeup and skincare collection, and cart everything you need! We can’t wait for you to look into the mirror and see the gorgeousness that’s you. 

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