UncategorizedHow to Stop Shapewear from Rolling Down

Imagine leaving your house for a party – swanky and ready to slay – but you end up spending your evening fiddling with your Shapewear because it just keeps rolling down and doesn’t stay in place. Your perfect silhouette is dashed! Oh! What a buzzkill!

The issue of a Shapewear rolldown is a real challenge but, what if we told you, we have the perfect solution to put an end to this problem once and for all! Take a look at the following five handy tips and voila! Shapewear rolldown is gone for good!

1. Invest in High-Quality Shapewear – Your fight to stop unwanted rolldown and slippage of Shapewear can be curtailed to a huge extent if you buy high-quality Shapewear from a credible lingerie brand. For instance Zivame’s Shapewear collection is crafted with quality fabric that is not only durable and skin friendly but also prevents roll-down. 

2.Stay true to your Size – Be honest with yourself and do not size down when shopping for Shapewear. Wearing a smaller size does not prevent the problem. In fact, an undersized shapewear will tend to roll down even more. It is bound to create bumps in all the wrong places, and even worse, shift all the focus to those areas! So, getting properly measured and ordering your correct size is extremely crucial to ensuring a great fit.

3.Opt for Non-Slip Silicone Strip – Shapewear with a silicone-strap around the waistband provides you a fit you can count on. It helps you stay confident and comfortable when wearing a Shapewear for a considerable amount of time.  

4.Try on a Body Shaper with Straps – Get yourself an over-the-shoulder body slimmer that offers extra support through its straps and helps in smoothing out the tummy and waistline. This completely waives off any chance of an accidental rolldown

5.Pair It Right- The problem of roll-down can also be avoided by ensuring that you are pairing the right shapewear with your outerwear like the Thigh shaper is ideal for pencil skirts and thigh hugging pants, Bodysuits are meant for bodycon dresses and fitted kurtis, and Tummy Tucker panties are great with trousers and linen pants. Make sure you have the right Shapewear for your different outfits. A one-type-fit-all approach will not work. 

Zivame’s collection of Shapewear is designed for real women of all shapes and sizes. So, no matter what shape or size you are, there is always something special that we have in store for you. Go on and locate your perfect fit from our ultra-functional Shapewear range right away!

Team Zivame