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Leading a healthy lifestyle is not just about eating right, working out and cutting out toxic relationships from life. It also means feeling good both inside and out. While many of us might think that being healthy entails life-changing day-to-day habits, it can sometimes be as simple as wearing the right pair of pyjamas to sleep. After all, a sound sleep plays a major role in every person’s overall well-being, and the right sleepwear contributes greatly to a night of good quality sleep. 

Read on to find out the top selling Pyjama styles from Zivame for a great night’s sleep

Full Sleeve Barnyard Pyjama Set – Perfect for summers, full-sleeve Pyjama sets from our Barnyard collection, are crafted with butter-soft fabrics in vibrant hues. The entire range of sleepwear features cute barn characters that brings whimsy and flair to your bedtime routines. Must say – this one’s a top favourite of our Z-tribe, owing to its adorable prints and relaxed fits ideal for the summer.

Short-Sleeve Tee Pyjama Set – A cute short sleeve T-shirt paired with a printed Pyjama is a crowd favourite. Take this one for example. Crafted with soft pure cotton, humble hues and quirkiest adornments, this Pyjama set vouches to give you a magically restful sleep in warmer temperatures.

Full Sleeve Tee Pyjama Set – A full sleeve T-shirt and Pyjama set is an unmistakable choice in Sleepwear, especially during cooler days. Add a playfulness to your wardrobe by opting for a cutesy printed Pyjama set, or simply go for statement colours and minimal prints for an elegant look. We have stacked our racks with both and you guys seem to have loved it!

Short-Sleeve Tee Shorts Set – Girls who love to keep their bedtime cute and comfy, love short sleeve Tees paired with a funky pair of shorts. The Tees are embellished with quirky prints and the shorts are super stretchy to allow you maximum room for movement. All in all, this combination is the best fit for a perfect slumber. 

Single Pyjamas – Zivame’s collection of comfortable sleep bottoms comprises a range of Single Pyjamas as well. Perfect for everyday use, these pyjamas are a statement on their own, and can be paired with any top of your choice. From solids to prints, full-length pyjamas to capris – expect a host of options to keep you busy while shopping with us!

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