UncategorizedThe Many Ways To Wear A T-Shirt Bra!

Lines showing through your favourite fitted tee? Or is your bra glaringly visible when you throw on that white shirt for the board meeting? We’ve got the answer to all your peek-a-boo woes – a versatile T-shirt bra!

You can pair it with a variety of styles and get the smoothest finish under outfits, every time!

We’ve put together four looks with our range of functional and cute t-shirt bras that go with you anywhere – from work to brunch! Take a look!

The Girl Boss

A nude T-shirt bra goes seamlessly under white shirts!

The Desi Diva

Seamless T-shirt bras are perfect to wear even under kurtis!

The Stylista

Pop-colour and lace embellished T-shirt bras add that fun element under casual wear!

The Casually Chic

The Whimsical T-shirt bras are cute and functional – no more lines under your favourite tees!

And that’s just some of the ways to rock our T-shirt bras! Get yours now!

Team Zivame