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Boyshort Panties - Comfort You Just Cannot Resist

Boyshorts are a trendy variation of the traditional boxer shorts and extend all the way down the hips. They are structured to hug the body from the hip and are wide in shape.

The benefits of V-shaped Panties and Boyshorts Panties

Boyshorts are comfortable and suited for daily wear as they provide the wearer with more room for adjustment and fit the body snugly. At the same time, it does not restrict the movement of the legs. On the other hand, v-shaped panties also provide great coverage and help in shaping the region.

The Different Types of Women’s Boyshorts

Boyshorts can further be categorised into low-rise, mid-rise, high-rise or full rear cover based on their length. While the structure or design are more or less the same, the length and size of women’s boyshorts vary. Women prefer to wear them in a high, mid or low rise manner depending on the outfit they choose to don. Here are some more details about the different variants:

  1. Low-rise boyshorts: These are worn below the hips and are quite short. Unlike a thong or V-shaped panties, these are square-shaped panties.

  2. Mid-rise boyshorts: They are ideally designed to be worn slightly above the hips and though they provide a little more coverage than the low-rise variant, they are just as short.

  3. High-rise boyshorts: These are worn higher up and close to the navel, like in the case of high-waist jeans. They cover the hips entirely and a little more of the thighs when compared to the mid-rise and low-rise versions.

  4. Full rear cover boyshorts: As the name suggests, these fully cover the rear and are mid-thigh length. They are ideal to be worn under dresses or skirts of the midi or mini variety.

Buy Boyshorts Online On Zivame

While there are many types of panties, ladies’ boyshorts are one of the most comfortable underwear options. Be it high-rise cotton boyshorts or those with no panty lines, Zivame offers a wide range of styles to choose from. Hence, if you wish to be in sync with the latest trends, Zivame is the best place to begin your exploration.

In addition to offering some incredible products in lingerie, apparel and accessories, Zivame offers many other benefits. For example, if you changed your mind about a product, you can return it for free within a stipulated timeline. If there are concerns with the fit, you could even exchange the product with one that fits better.

Also, while the world goes digital with payments, some still prefer the good old cash. Hence, for this demographic, Zivame offers the choice of cash on delivery so that no one is left out in experiencing the perks of shopping online. Discreet packaging is another popular perk that many women avail on the platform. So, whatsoever your interest may be, sign up to Zivame right away and indulge in a delightful online shopping experience.

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