The *New* Colour Of The Year – Get It In Your Wardrobe

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“Dramatically provocative and thoughtful!” That’s what Pantone called ultraviolet, the Colour Of The Year 2018, in its announcement! Aishwarya Rai probably foresaw this when she rocked the fashion fraternity with her purple lipstick at the Cannes Festival 2017, followed by Hillary Clinton who wore a Ralph Lauren suit in that shade for her Concession Speech.

From greater galaxies to spiritual reflections, you could interpret the colour in any way. But when it comes to the fashion industry, the colour is linked to royalty! Whether it’s your high teas and weddings or casual brunches and workout sessions, it’s easy to incorporate into every day. And we’ve picked out our favourite styles for you to inject a dose of ultraviolet into your wardrobe. 

Check ’em out below!

Now that you’re up-to-date with the trend, all you’ve to do is pick your favourite shade and style here.


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