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With the festive season coming to a close and the winters peeping through the window, we sure know that the wedding season on!

With wedding-outfit-waistlines on the mind, if you’re looking for a post-festive workout routine to battle all that binge-eating done over the last few weeks, we’ve got some ideas!  

After that holiday break, it isn’t fair to push your body back into a workout. You may just end up hurting yourself that way. Instead, you can ease into it slowly with some gentle workouts that’ll also help you burn off those unwanted calories. Here are few fitness tricks you can try your hands on along with a few tips on how to dress for the following workouts!

  • Get out!

Literally. Put on your favourite leggings, sports bra and a light workout jacket, lace up those shoes and head out the door. Whether it’s a fast walk or a slow jog, do what you feel like to get your heart rate up. You could even grab a buddy and just dance it out in your backyard. A fitness routine isn’t easy to follow, but you’re sure to enjoy it when you get to breathe in some fresh air and sweat the toxins out. And to make it even better, check out our new Pro-Move collection when you’re working out in the great outdoors. It’s got fresh floral prints and is designed with mesh panels and flat seams that will never disrupt the way you move.

  • Roll out the mats

On the mornings when it’s too chilly to get out, roll out your yoga mat and start with Surya Namaskar. This is a great exercise as it engages different muscles in the body so you get a total-body workout in 12 easy steps. Start with a set of 6, then 12, then 24 and move up the scale slowly and you’ll notice results in no time! For a yoga workout, we recommend wearing a low-impact sports bra and leggings and T-shirts made with highly breathable fabrics. Our Decode Collection is designed to feel ultra comfortable against your skin, while also supporting you during the workout.

  • Focus on the core

Head to the gym when you are ready because a set of core exercises is one of the best workout routines to help build your strength, lose fat and improve balance and stamina. Planks, crunches, knee-raises, mountain climbers etc are a great way to engage the core and even get some sculpted abs in the process! For your gym dress code, explore our activewear!

  • Lift, lift, lift!

A lot of people prefer to avoid weights; but the best way to improve your strength, boost muscle and burn fat is to do some weight-lifting. It doesn’t have to be too intense; you can start with kettlebells or 2-5 kg dumbbells at home. Do a set of deadlifts, chest press, bicep curls, lateral raises and shoulder press each for a complete upper body workout, right at home. If you want to delve deeper into weight training (we definitely recommend it!), head to your neighbourhood gym and ask your trainer to put you on a strength and conditioning fitness plan. And remember, when you’re doing some high-intensity workouts like weight training, opt for a high impact sports bra and leggings with good compression.

Ready to bust a move? Tell us about your favourite workout in the comments below!

Team Zivame