UncategorizedLeggings That Aren’t See Through!

Image source: Traci Ling Photography

Hate that stretched out, almost-see-through look most leggings have when you put ‘em on? So do we! But that’s what you get with regular viscose or hosiery leggings! The worst part? Panties peeking through that sheer fabric!

How do we avoid it, you ask?

Well here’s a tip ladies, save the regular leggings for long ethnic tunics and kurtas, ‘cos we bring you styles that aren’t meant to be hidden!

Athlesiure-ly Attired!
Exercise leggings make for great post-workout looks! With their elastane blended fabric, compression tech and snug fits they’re far from transparent. Just pair them with a cut-out tee, or a strappy spaghetti and casual flatform shoes. Go on, rock that athleisure style!

Run No More!
You may have bought these trendy printed leggings to wear on your daily runs, but they deserve a lot more attention. Want a casual chic look – here’s how! Wear these printed workout leggings with a simple tank top or crop top and layer them with a knitted shrug, a denim shirt  or a casual jacket! So stylish!

Ready-to-wear Blacks!
A must-have in every girl’s wardrobe – black leggings to wear with tops, kurtas, or training tees! Here are a few options that can go with all three looks! Made of a polyester and elastane blend with an anti-camel toe gusset for modesty and contour stitches for a flattering fit – these are what you’ve been looking for! Get ‘em now!

Now that you know where to find the no-see-through leggings, what’s stopping you from getting them?


Team Zivame