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As much as we hate to admit, a little breast sag in every woman is inevitable. It is one of the many natural bodily changes that all women experience as they age. It usually happens when the connective tissues under your breasts, more commonly referred to as collagen, start to lose their elasticity – thereby leaving your breasts look deflated than firm. However, it isn’t always old age that triggers breast sagging. Sometimes, young women also experience unwanted breast sag at a tender age. In fact, it can also be passed on through your ancestral genes. The best way to combat this problem is to never go wrong with the type of bra you are wearing since your days of girlhood. Remember, wearing the wrong bra can lead to saggy breasts!

Let us give you a holistic understanding of breast sag – why it happens and how you can have it under control. This would definitely help you choose the perfect bra for sagging breasts.

Top reasons why breasts get saggy

According to studies, breast tissues age two to three years faster than the rest of your body. The process escalates even quickly when you expose yourself to the following.

  • Crash Dieting – Each time there are major fluctuations in your weight, your breasts tend to become slacker and loose. So, maintaining a healthy weight throughout helps your body avoid unnecessary chest stretching.
  • Lifestyle – Your lifestyle choices can have a huge impact on how your body behaves. For example, smoking can break the elastin in your body and eventually, your skin would start aging much faster. Also, skipping sunscreen can expose your skin to harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. In the long run, the skin on your face and body would lose its elasticity and you’d become prone to breast sagging.
  • Hormonal Changes – Some women have to deal with breast sagging issues due to hormonal imbalances, menopause or even pregnancy.
  • Wearing the Wrong Bra – Did you know, a bra and its band size plays a major role in keeping your breasts firms for a longer period of time? If you were oblivious about the importance of wearing a sagging breast bra since the very beginning, it’s about time, you take note! A bra’s support should ideally come from its band. If the band is loose, the weight of your breasts shall be easily pulled downward – as gravity demands! On the contrary, if the band is too tight, you’d face problems of restricted movement. To ensure finding the perfect bra for sagging breasts, check the fit of the bra band. If the bra band fits you well, place two fingers under it and see if there is still some space to accommodate. In case of a yes, try going down by one band size and up by one cup size. If a 36C sags your breasts, consider purchasing a bra 34D size.

Bra Styles for Sagging Breasts

  • Sag-Lift Bras – Zivame’s No Sag or Sag-Lift Bras can be your go-to solution to combat breast sagging. As the name suggests, these bras are designed to give your breasts a naturally firm shape with a gentle lift upwards. Apart from being high on comfort and style, Sag-Lift Bras are also supremely functional. They distribute your breast tissues evenly, give you optimum support and comfort with their cushioned straps and broad back bands, and help you achieve a minised, neat look under your outfits. Pick from our range of padded, non-padded, wired and non-wired No Sag Bras depending on your need and no more shying away from the world!


  • T-Shirt Bras – A T-Shirt Bra is a daily-wear bra that comes with seamless cups. Apart from giving you a completely concealed look underneath your clothing, they are also considered to be the penultimate of ultimate comfort and support. This type of bra is best suited for larger-breasted women who are looking for a comfortable regular wear bra that keeps them from sagging.


  • Super Support Bras – Wearing a full coverage bra is ideally suited for women with fuller busts. Since it covers the entire bust, it has an enormous capability to stop breast sagging like none other. In that case, our Super Support Bras featuring a sturdy support and zero spillage can be your saviour!


  • Underwired Bras – If you are looking for plenty of support along with a perfect lift, an Underwired Bra is your best bet. If you prefer pad-free and lightweight bras, this one’s for you!


  • Push-Up Bras – This is an excellent choice to combat breast sagging because a Push-Up Bra helps you cheat gravity. The best Push-Up bra for sagging breasts would give you a perfect décolletage. This is because Push-Up bras tend to hold up your breasts and bring them closer to each other. Need we say more?


Which type of Bra should you wear for Sagging Breasts?


  • Wear a correct supportive and well-fitted bra.
  • Prefer bras that come with three or more hook-and-eye closures.
  • Avoid single layered bras with moulded cups please. If your breasts aren’t shaped in the way that these bras are designed, you might end up looking sloppy and weird when you wear one.
  • If you have a heavier bosom, opt for bras that come with soft cups with underwires.
  • Look for a sagging breast bra that has extra lining on the insides of the cups and features high sides so as to ensure zero spillage.

So ladies, we hope this 101 guide would help you come out of your sagging situation ASAP! Shop our in-house sagging breast bra styles at ease, and no matter what, take special care of your breast health please.

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