UncategorizedPanties That Don’t Show Lines – Do They Exist?
No panty line panties

No panty line panties

We’re sure you have a host of sexy, cute ‘n comfy panties in your lingerie drawer, but how many of them actually prevent you from having embarrassing VPL (visible panty line) moments?

Yes, we’re talking about the days when you’ve hurled a string of profanities at your panties for showing through those perfectly form-fitting outfits!

Now, if going commando isn’t an option, G-strings aren’t your BFFs and you feel like you’ll never be rid of those panty lines – we’ve got just the thing for you!

Laser Cut Panties Anyone?

No panty line panties

You probably know them as seamless panties or no-panty-line panties; but the secret behind their ‘invisibility’ is the laser cut construction which sits flat against the skin without showing under clothes. With elastic free leg-holes, smooth-finish edges and seamless sides with no visible stitches, these panties are what you’ve been looking for! What’s more, they come in lots of different styles – from a full to low coverage. Complete comfort, smooth finish and no visible panty lines – what more could a girl ask for?


We’ve Also Got Option 2 -Thongs!

No panty line panties

We know thongs take a little getting used to, but ladies, they’re the solution to your biggest problem! Thongs have a minimally modest front cover, a narrow waistband and barely-there rear coverage that eliminates the possibility of a VPL! Thongs may seem sinfully sexy, but they limit your risk of panty-show through by 100%! So, go on, slip into that sultry bodycon for your next party or wear those amazing cigarette pants to work with a thong underneath; you’ll have nothing to worry about!

We know you don’t want to give-away those fitted clothes or be caught in a situation where your panty shows through. So go on, get the fix now!

Team Zivame