UncategorizedMiracle Bra: The Perfect Work-From-Home Bra

The luxury of being at home means no uncomfortable tight-fitting clothes, no padded Bras and certainly no underwires! You may be stressing about deadlines and connecting with a million teams virtually, and an underwire at this point is just plain unnecessary! In fact, even wearing a Bra can feel like a task for some of us! But whether you are home or not, you still need adequate breast support to avoid discomfort and sagging. What if we told you there was a Bra that felt like nothing? In honour of this celebrated ‘Bra-free’ feeling, we at Zivame created the Miracle Bra!

The Miracle Bra is the perfect Work-From-Home Bra for our ladies who are making sure that office works smoothly even from home! Just slip it on and forget about it! How is that possible, you ask? My dears, this Bra is made of a fabric so unbelievably soft, you don’t even realise you have it on. We guarantee it will feel like a second skin! You can literally just live in it. Since this Bra is wire-free and non-padded it can be worn 24×7, round the clock without a worry in the world. Remember that cliché question about the only thing you would need on a deserted island? It’s this Bra, girls! This is all you need to sail through your Work-from-Home days comfortably – especially in these hot summer months.

You get the coverage, no bulges and just plain comfort. You can work in it all day, complete chores, chill in it, play games and even sleep in it. Yes, no need to break-free at night! This Bra is so good you will forget to unhook it and sleep like a baby all night long. Your nights will never be a painful, uncomfortable mess again and mornings will feel fresh and blissful!

Girls, if you feel that the Miracle Bra sounds good to be true- you have to simply wear it to believe it! But once you have your hands on it, we are absolutely sure you will come back asking for more! Plus, this amazing Bra has been designed for women of all sizes- so whether you are petite or curvy, you will find your size with us! The Miracle Bra is available in sizes starting from 32 B- 40 DD in neutral colours.

Get your hands on this Miracle ladies and experience the absolute joy of working from home totally unrestricted, free as a bird! The weight of the world may be currently on your shoulders so allow us to take away some of the discomfort with the Miracle Bra


Team Zivame