Uncategorized6 Common Bra Issues That Have Easy Fixes!

Your bra can make or break your look; not to mention your comfort. The perfect one will sit snugly on your breasts and make you feel like a goddess by giving you the perfect shape and cleavage.

The wrong one… just feels wrong! 

Sometimes it’s the smallest issue that is the most irritating. Read on as we identify a few common issues and help you rectify them.

Rising Back Band :

Isn’t it annoying when your bra band starts defying the norm and decides on giving you back bulges? It probably happens because you’re wearing a band size that’s too big. Maybe you purchased your bra and it fit perfectly, and it loosened over time or you just bought the wrong size altogether. 

Go down a size and you’ll be good to go! Remember though, if you go down a band size, go up a cup size so it doesn’t end up feeling too tight.

Chafing :

Ugh, a painful bra is the last thing we need, right? If your bra is too tight – making your breasts rub against your skin or against each other – can cause chafing. You may need to try a few different bra styles to see what allows your girls to lift away from your ribcage, and separate. A longline could be your cure-all!

Slipping Straps :

If you’ve ever felt like ripping your straps off because they keep slipping, welcome to the club, girl! Easily enough, the solution is to tighten your bra straps (if you haven’t done that already). Straps can stretch out over time, so we suggest doing this every other month or so. 

If tightening your straps don’t do the trick, try out full-coverage or Demi bras as they typically have narrow-set straps that’ll stay in place all day.

Digging Straps :

Have you ever brushed off the red marks on your shoulders thinking, well, the straps are just doing their work? Then listen up – it’s your bra band that should be doing most of the work. If your straps are digging into your shoulders, chances are your band is too big or has stretched out over time. 

In this case, consider buying one band size smaller – that might do the trick. And again, if you decrease your band size, be sure to go up a cup size!

Gaping Cups :

In a perfect world, your bra should sit snug on your breasts. But sometimes it’s like your boobs have all the room in the world to bounce around. This situation usually occurs with smaller breasts that aren’t a full-cup shape. Try tightening your straps first. If that doesn’t work, go down a cup size and experiment with a new style. A demi or a balconette cup will cut lower on the breast, and help with the lift.

QuadBoob :

This has to be the worst of the lot! You’re wearing an elegant fitted dress and the alien-like double boob set ruins the whole thing. This usually troubles busty women when the cup size they’re wearing is too small or the bra is not suitable for the shape of their breast. Try going up a cup size or shift to full coverage bras and watch the difference.

Now that you know how to deal with these pesky issues, shop your favourite styles!

Team Zivame