UncategorizedI Love Sexy Nightwear And I Cannot Lie
Sexy nightwear

If you resonate with the title, then this blog is your safe space. It’s absolutely and more than OKAY to wear sexy nightwear to bed, because it makes YOU feel good. If you want to put on a sensual babydoll, click a few pictures and admire yourself, there is NO shame in it. Exploring one’s sensuality is truly a liberating experience, not to mention it makes us more in tune with self.

So, we are going to map out a self-pampering night routine that makes you feel as sexy as you are. Go on, indulge yourself!

I love melting my troubles in bubbles

First thing on the agenda – R E L A X! Slip out of your work clothes, take every email out of your mind and get into the groove. Pull out all stops; essential oils, massages, bubble baths, music, candles, what have you. Soak in the warm, fragrant water and feel your inhibitions melting away. If baths are impractical, turn on a warm shower and lather up in a scent you love. Once you step out of this refreshing experience, you’ll be rejuvenated and ready to take on the night!

sexy nightwear

I love being pampered with a luxurious hamper

Here’s a secret: skincare is not just for your skin, it’s also for your soul. Don’t you feel radiant and beautiful from the inside after completing your regime? Take hot facial steam, bring out your foamy cleanser, and massage in those vitamin enriched serums with a jade roller. Take your time and really pamper yourself. Rub in body lotion and sing along with the songs playing. And you know what? Maybe sway that hip a little too! 

I love babydolls that feel buttery, look sultry

Next comes the most fun part! Choose a pretty little babydoll from the gorgeous collection at Zivame! Pick one in your perfect size, the length of your choice, in a colour you feel most sexy in. Feel the satin and lace glide over your skin, slip into matching panties and behold Aphrodite in the mirror! Truly behold. Revel in how you glow in the fit, how liberated and sexy it makes you feel, and own it.

Sexy nightwear

I love a snapshot where I look hot

Why stop at the mirror when you can have a mini photoshoot? And no, you don’t need anyone else to click you. You just need your cell phone and a selfie stick. Even without the selfie stick, switch on the timer, place your phone against something sturdy and strike your best pose! Unleash the supermodel in you and really let go of any inhibitions. Know that you’re confident and sexy, and the rest will be taken care of by your pretty smile!

Sexy nightwear

I love me being sexy

Before you go to bed, do your beautiful soul a favour and jot down everything you love about yourself. Wanting to feel your best  will truly come full circle here. Dig deep and make sure the list is long. It could include your physical attributes or the qualities of your mind. Write them all out and read the list aloud. Yes, that’s all you, never forget!

Sexy nightwear

There we go, wasn’t that so liberating! If you want to feel desirable in sexy nightwear or in anything really, that’s your call. The important thing is for you to be comfortable in your skin, and Zivame has always got your back!

Ananya Endow