UncategorizedThe Ultimate Bra Cup Manual For Lingerie Shopping

The Ultimate Bra Cup Manual For Lingerie Shopping

Looking for the right bra? There are so many interesting styles and patterns to pick from! But did you know – having the right knowledge about bra cups also matters while bra shopping? To ensure that your bra meets your specific requirements, you must pay keen attention to the type of bra cup you are opting for. This is because different types of bra cups are suited for different styles of outfits. Here’s a round-up of the various kinds of bra cups you must know about before bra shopping. 

Demi Cups

A Demi bra cup offers less coverage on the upper part of your breasts. Most push-up bras feature demi cups. This is why you can achieve a defined cleavage when you wear a Push-up bra. The underwires of a demi cup are much shorter than other bras and its design is a great fit for petite women. 

Balconette Cups

A little smaller than demi cups, balconette bra cups are cut horizontally just above your bustline. It gives your breasts a fuller look and a subtle lift. It usually features vertical seams just under the bust to provide an added boost. 

Full Cups

Full cups in a bra offer great coverage and support. They are usually preferred to be worn under fitted outfits because full cups do not cause a visible line or indentation along the top of your breasts.

Minimizer Cups

A Minimizer bra cup gives an illusion of reduced bust size. They distribute your breasts tissues more towards the underarm and the mid-centre. The bust profile looks more subtle and allows you to wear front-button shirts and blouses without any gaps or disproportion. 

Nursing Cups

Your entire journey of becoming a mother should be a comfortable and convenient one. So, make a switch from wearing regular bras to Nursing bras while you’re still pregnant. Sticking to your regular bra can do more harm than good because your breasts tend to get larger at this point and it may run the risk of building pressure on your milk ducts. 

Nursing bras feature cups that are uniquely designed and meant to open in the front.  This allows new moms to feed their baby easily without having to take off the bra. Nursing Bras come in a variety of configurations such as wide straps, fuller cups and adjustable hook & eye closure. 

Padded Cups

As the name suggests, a Padded bra cup has a layer of padding inside. It gives definition to your breasts and eliminates issues of unwanted nipple show. These bra cups work wonderfully when paired with crisp and fitted work outfits. 

Push-up Cups

Push-up cups are bust enhancers that help you achieve a bold look. These cups feature elliptical-shaped padding at the bottom, known as the Bump pad. This is why your breasts are pushed upwards and you get a more projected cleavage line. 

Seamed Cups

Also known as Sew cups or Multi-part cups, Seamed cups are made with two or more fabric pieces. Seaming on a cup allows more variation in cup shapes, and also offers more support than moulded cups. If you love loose-fitted outfits, Seamless bras are your best bet. 

Next time you go bra shopping at Zivame, keep this bra-cup manual handy before making a pick. 

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