UncategorizedKnow The Difference Between Bra And Bralette?

Women have been wearing Bras for hundreds of years for breast support. With time, Bras are no longer just functional garments but are also worn as a fashion statement. There are T-Shirt Bras, Strapless Bras, Push-Up Bras, Sports Bras, Balconette Bras, Bralettes– all bundled into the lingerie category. 

Sometimes, this sea of information can be confusing and, perhaps, overwhelming. But, don’t worry girls, we have some eye-opening ‘gyaan’ for you- especially if you are wondering how traditional Bras are different from Bralettes. 

Most women are familiar with Bras. You have probably been wearing one since adulthood or maybe even puberty. Bras are designed with moulded cups for proper breast coverage and support. Sometimes, they have underwires and padding for additional shaping. In addition, a Bra’s design usually features hooks at the back for closure and straps for holding your bust in place. 

Now let’s talk about Bralettes. They sound much like the daintier versions of a Bra, don’t they? Well, that assessment is not far from reality! Bralettes are like Bras, but without any moulded cups or underwires. Lately, Bralettes have become the crowd favourite as top-wear especially during summers. You could think of them as dressy crop-tops. Bralettes are usually made of lace, cotton and even crochet (think Coachella). They are meant more for style than actual bust support. 

Bralettes are easy to wear, fuss-free, comfortable, stylish and can be worn with a host of different outfits like skirts, pants, shorts and even a saree!

As Bralettes are not the best at supporting heavy breasts, curvy women have shied away from them, but that trend is changing fast. Today, inclusive brands like Zivame have Bralettes for women of all sizes, and that’s great news! Women of all sizes should be able to experiment with their style, right?


So the question is- should you choose Bralettes over Bras? While we wouldn’t recommend you completely wean off Bras (we all need them for different reasons, outfits and occasions) 

Bralettes are a stylish option to add to your lingerie collection. They bring refreshing variety and can be mixed and matched with so many different looks. Just ensure you know your correct size. Check out Zivame’s Fit Code Quiz – it will help you find your perfect fit and size.

Whether your heart is set on a Bralette or you wish to remain a Bra loyalist, we have what you need. In fact, bring the best of both worlds to your wardrobe and have fun! Head to Zivame and check out our collection of Bras and Bralettes today!

Team Zivame