‘That Time Of The Month’? We’ve Got You!

When Aunt Flo decides to visit every month, she often doesn’t come alone. With symptoms like bloating, cramping, and mood swings (not to mention the incessant food cravings), there is more than just one unexpected guest at the table. It becomes increasingly important to take care of yourself when you are on your periods, and maybe even throw in a pamper hamper, so that you can effectively tackle the blues.

We’ve got you covered with some quick fixes that are all about comfort and convenience, to make sure that all ‘bloody’ hell doesn’t break loose! 

1.  Gentle, Soothing Exercises

One of the best ways to manage cramps is to incorporate a low-intensity workout into your schedule. Slip into something comfortable, like a sports bra and joggers or shorts, and start with a meditation routine before moving into some stretching and yoga poses. Even going out for a simple walk can do wonders for the pain because exercising can increase that serotonin and dopamine rush!

2. Breathable sanitary pads

When you’re looking for sanitary napkins or tampons, you will want to look for the comfiest ones that don’t have you tossing and turning when you sleep, or constantly readjusting while you’re on the move. You could choose the right tampons or pads for you depending on the type of flow and the size of the product you are comfortable wearing. Don’t forget to change them every 3-4 hours to ensure that you don’t get skin rashes.

3. Choose comfort over everything

When you’re on your menstrual cycle, you would want to move around freely, or at least as much as your body will allow. That’s where these period panties come in! They are definitely more absorbent than regular pads and tampons, and are also a sustainable option for you to consider!

4. Eat healthy and sleep deep

There’s nothing like a good meal and a peaceful nap to help you tackle both pre-menstrual and period-day symptoms. Do yourself a favour and include nourishing, iron-rich food to make up for any deficiencies. It’s also important to get that extra rest that you need by clocking in a good 8 hours of sleep (in extra comfy sleepwear)!

5. Some self-pampering 

Treat yourself to a day of self-care with all the right pampering tools. Whether you want to put on that nourishing face mask and sit back to relax, or if you want to give yourself a mani-pedi at home, you’ve simply got to let yourself indulge! Our pro-tip? Choose flavours and scents that will calm your senses around the clock!

You deserve nothing less than comfort and care during the days of your period. So, it’s time to begin loving yourself inside out, trust these hacks and get set to combat those period blues!

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