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Everyone loves a good day at the beach. But how many of you enjoy the sun while taking a stroll or playing with the waves? Do you know what makes it better, though? A bikini. It is the perfect thing to wear to the most-awaited pool day or the long due trip to the beach. There is nothing better than chilling in the water, cooling down, and sipping on your favorite drink. The plethora of bikini choices can get you confused, and we are here to help you out. We have compiled this guide featuring all types of bikinis that are available and can be opted for. We are sure that you will look like a goddess basking in the sun. So, let us get started with the detailed guide.

Bikinis For Pear Shaped Body

Your curvy hips and thighs with a smaller upper body worry you but bask in its glory along with Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and Bebe Rexha. The key to the perfect bikinis for a pear-shaped body is balancing your proportions and going for fuller coverage on the bottom. You could opt for a high-waisted bottom falling below your upper leg. Alternatively, if you opt for a thick-banded or short bottom, you will end up drawing extra attention to it. A plunging neckline or a padded top with push wires, an eye-catching top with flares, or an off-shoulder feature is the trick.

Bikinis For Small Bust

You are smaller on the top with an A or B cup, and accompany the queens – Ariana Grande, Kate Hudson, and Zoe Saldana. Your smaller bust needs less support. Hence, you can rock tops with minimal coverage or embellished detailing. You could also look for bikini types with bows or patterns to create illusions. Opting for triangle tops or those with a bold print from all types of bikinis will help create the illusion of curves. Padded push-up or halter tops will offer the extra lift and help form the cleavage. Bandeau or tiny scoop tops fit well and look good. 

Bikinis For Apple Shaped Body

If you have a large bust and accompany queens Cardi B, Katy Perry, and Sofia Vergara, you have an apple-shaped body. Support is essential for you, and opting for underwired or molded cups is the key. Avoid ruffles or embellishments to avoid the illusion of an increase in volume. Try to opt for thicker bra straps for better support. Higher backs, molded cups, and underwired bra-style also help in offering support. You can also get a dark-colored top with broad straps and high-waisted bottoms to create the illusion of a smaller bust and add dimension to your hips and waist. Your body will become the apple of everyone’s eyes if you choose an elegant bikini with ruched details.

Bikinis For Hourglass Figure

Our curvy girls are fortunate enough as they can rock in almost all types of bikinis. Your full bust, hips, and thighs are goals, and Kim Kardashian, Lizzo, and Ashley Graham accompany you, goddesses. Highlighting your flattering curves and providing enough support is crucial. If you are conscious and do not want to exaggerate your body, you should never opt for monokinis or string bikinis. These bikinis will draw attention and accentuate your wider areas; you can give asymmetrical suits a thought. It will draw people’s vision towards your neckline and help to highlight the same. Retro suits and color blocking also helps yield flattering results. You could also opt for one-piece suits with cutout sides.

Bikinis For Athletic Figure

Do not fret if you are more straight up and down and have fewer curves. Our favorite girls like Jeniffer Aniston, Ciara, and Miley Cyrus accompany you here. Skimpier suits with lesser coverage help create the illusion of curves. Tops and bottoms with ruffles, embellishments and bold prints attract attention and help provide the illusion of curves. Monokinis also help to create curves, as do those with slashes and cutouts. The smaller the bikini bottom you opt for, the fuller you appear. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Bikini Types

  • Which type of Bikini is the best to wear to the beach?

Your perfect body can rock all types of bikinis. Wear whatever you want to and splash in the waters. But, if you are intent on asking this question, we would suggest you determine your body type and find the best-suited bikini from our guide.

  • Which is the best fabric for Bikini?

Polyester fabric is the leading one for both competitive and leisure use. It is blended with Lycra in some bikinis. With the improved quality and feel because of new technologies, polyester is the go-to fabric for bikinis.

  • Which is better – a swimsuit or a bikini?

A one-piece swimsuit is generally tight and is opted when someone doesn’t want to show too much skin. A two-piece swimsuit is generally, referred to as a bikini. There is no definite answer to this particular question. If you want to flaunt your body, opt for a bikini. Whereas, if you want to keep yourself covered up while splashing in the pool, opt for swimsuits.


If you are confident, you can consider all types of bikinis. This guide is meant to help you when you are confused about what to opt for. Just put on your new gorgeous bikini and jump into the water. Your body is perfect, and you will look like an absolute goddess!

And so there it is. Slip on a gorgeous swimsuit and splash your heart out!

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