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Sleigh Bells ring, are you listening? This magical season, Zivame is here to make all your wishes come true. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that’s why you deserve nothing but the best. Whether you choose to spoil yourself with comfort or style, we’ve got just the right options for you to choose from!

So go ahead and check off all the boxes on things that you need from our Christmas wishlist!

Wish 1: Comfort

When comfort is the top of your Christmas wishlist, you can choose from a range of styles from Zivame. For every woman who loves that extra assurance, you can pick from all these exclusively comfy styles:

Non-padded, Non-wired Bras 

When you value comfort above everything else, you’ll want to feel light and breezy. That means, no pads or underwires in your way! The Non-padded and Non-wired bras from Zivame are absolute necessities for your everyday wardrobe. They are not only soft on your skin but also provide optimal support and comfort for you to move around freely. 

Miracle Bra

Christmas time feels magical and the Miracle Bra is just what you need to feel comfy all day round. Designed to offer full coverage and soft foam cups that add form to your body, the ever-so-versatile Miracle Bra is a crowd favourite. Its convertible straps and four-way stretch are perfect for round-the-clock routines whether it’s lounging, working, or travelling. Comfy, super light, and seamless; this non-wired T-shirt Bra is a lovely foundation piece to your wardrobe and is often nicknamed the 24*7 Bra

Cotton Sleepwear 

What you wear before you tuck yourself in bed each night will definitely impact how you feel when you wake up the next day and that’s why you need to instantly add the Cotton Sleepwear from Zivame to your Christmas wishlist. You deserve to sleep deep and that’s just what this super-light cotton fabric provides you with. Not only is it breathable and absorbent, but it also encourages blood circulation and lets you snooze comfortably. So go ahead and add this versatile nightwear to your cart now!

Wish 2: Confidence

Hey pretty woman, you do you! Nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman and Zivame is here to back you 100% by letting you be you! No matter the day, or the outfit, we’ve got just the right gear for you to conquer your world, one day at a time.

Strapless Bras  

Get ready to dazzle with Zivame’s strapless bras! When you’re thinking about sporting those off-shoulder dresses or halter-neck tops, you won’t have to hesitate or fight the case of the ‘showing straps’. Our Strapless Bras provide you with just the right amount of shape and support under every daring outfit. They even come well-equipped with silicon grip tapes on the neckline and wings, so you won’t have to worry about slipping or sliding! 

Backless Bras 

There’s no turning ‘back’ now, baby! With the backless bra, you’re the mistress of your own world. You can choose Zivame’s Backless bras to go with all your low-back dresses or backless blouses because they let you flaunt your clothes without the worry of adjusting and readjusting your straps. Slay every mood with these backless styles (that are devised with an unnoticeable strap) that go right under your favourite outfits!

Shaping Bodysuits 

‘Tis the season for something new! Do you want that streamlined look under your skirts, dresses, or jeans? That’s where these Shaping Bodysuits from Zivame come in! They’re designed to stay tucked in and deliver optimal stretch and support to comfortably contour your silhouette. It’s safe to say that these bodysuits feel like a gentle hug while giving you all the benefits of a flattering fit and soft, breathable coverage.

Wish 3: Style

While functionality may be one of the foremost determining factors of every buying decision you make, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be! Why compromise on style when it can uplift your mood and make you feel way more confident?


These versatile and easy-to-wear styles come in a variety including lace, cotton, polyamides, and printed fabrics. You get to look your best as you kick back and relax by styling them with high-waisted shorts or long skirts. You could also pair them up with jeans and a shrug. Either way, you’re going to be the brightest star of the show!

Pretty Back Bras 

This one is for those who want to show off their backs while getting the right kind of support under all your outfits. You don’t have to compromise on your style when you add the Pretty Back Bra to your wishlist. When you put on those backless dresses, you’ll have everything you need to stay bold, comfortable, and beautiful, and you can pair them with a racerback, T-back, or regular back style. You’ll want to believe us when we say that this is all you need to boost your confidence and style while also embracing comfort!


Don’t think that staying fit and stylish go hand in hand? We’ll prove you wrong because the Athleisure range from Zivame is every bit as fashionable as they are functional. You can choose from a range of sports bras, leggings, capris, and more because these styles are definitely going to help you stay above all your fitness goals. Add these styles to your wishlist so you can sweat it out and look good while you do it!

Wish 4: All-day Freshness

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can mean that you gotta constantly move about – and that means you need to stay fresh. With Zivame, you can survive your day while still feeling as fresh as a daisy!

Antimicrobial Panties

When you’re super busy with your hectic schedules, there’s one thing you shouldn’t have to give up – your health! Our Anti-Microbial Panties help you stay fresh all day long because they’re crafted with super soft cotton fabric that is gentle and healthier on your skin. They also have anti-odour properties to guarantee that extra comfort, which is why these daily essentials are a must-have!

Copper-infused Lingerie 

Our Copper-infused Lingerie collection is made of anti-bacterial fabric that goes above and beyond to keep skin infections at bay. This will invariably keep you fresh for up to 24 hours while also promoting healthier skin. The anti-odour material is also extremely durable making it ideal for women who lead extremely active lifestyles. This scientifically-backed collection works wonders for the woman in you who lives each day to the fullest.

Wish 5: Seamless Shaping 

Tummy Tuckers

Maybe you have a special occasion coming up and want to look your best, or maybe you just need a little extra help fitting into your favourite pair of pants – that’s where Zivame’s Tummy Tuckers come in. These shaping panties work around your hips and tummy area to help improve the fit of your clothes and to give you seamless shaping and retention underneath. 

Thigh Shaper

The Thigh Shaper from Zivame gives you the complete freedom to sport any outfit that you want. These seamless wonders target the waist, rear, and thigh area to give you the right silhouette. This one goes straight into your wishlist because it also has a chafe-free finish and goes invisible under your outfits!

Saree Shapewear 

Heading to that wedding, or corporate event and want to bring out your ethnic best in traditional sarees? Zivame’s Saree Shapewear is the perfect partner for your sarees! The shapewear is made of a unique polyamide spandex fabric that is both lightweight and soft and has a strong elastic waistband that allows you to comfortably tuck your saree in. The targeted compression around the stomach and thighs is perfectly body-hugging, revealing a magical mermaid silhouette!

Wishlist 6: Cosy Sleepwear

With the cosiest sleepwear from Zivame, you snooze and DON’T lose! Made from fabrics that feel softer than clouds, this range is an absolute blessing. So choose your comfort and rest right.


With our cosy and soft Velour sleepwear collection, you’ll be the ruling queen of every pyjama party. Especially on those cold winter nights, this velvety soft collection provides you with snuggle-ready warmth. Its oh-so-soft Polyester Cotton adds a new level of comfort to your cuddles and puts you right to sleep! You can choose from the cutest prints and embroideries because these relaxed fits ensure a cozy snug fit as you drift off into dreamland.

Polar Fleece

Tossing and turning because of the cold? The Polar Fleece co-ord sets will keep you warm, snug, and cosy all season long! It’s the ultimate laid-back and trendy loungewear, designed for the winter, with special polar fleece fabric combined with knit polyester, and a soft brushed back! You get to choose from a variety of warm colours to wrap up in, and enjoy the cold winter breeze!


Rock the Winter look in Zivame’s fluffy Fur Collection, which keeps you feeling extra warm and comfy. The super-comfortable loungewear comes with long sleeves and a relaxed fit making it a must-have addition to your winter nightwear wardrobe. You could also choose from a variety of colours to add an extra cosy touch to your wardrobe!


It’s the season to warm up your hands in front of a bonfire while you hum carols with your friends and family.  When you’re heading out to your favourite cafe or sipping on your favourite hot chocolate at home, our Thermals made of Polyester viscose material will definitely keep you feeling insulated. You can choose from a range of knitted leggings, vests, and tops in wintery hues!

Wishlist 7: Support 

The right support can get you through anything and with Zivame’s extra supportive range of bras, you get nothing but the best. 

True Curv Minimizer 

From Zivame’s True Curv Range, the Minimizer Bra is designed to understand your curves and is crafted from fabrics that naturally give them shape. You get the illusion of smaller bust size and the comfort of the broad back and sturdy shoulder straps. They’re designed to celebrate your curves in sizes 32DD all the way up to 44FF.

Super Support Bra

When you indulge in the full four-way support of the True Curv Super Support Bra, you get some extra dependable support. These bras have full-coverage and non-stretch cups that prevent spillage from the neckline and armhole. They also prevent back bulges with their broad, powernet back wings. Additionally, it comes with wide cushioned straps and a broad bottom elastic for maximum lift and support. 

Sports bras

No matter what your fitness routine looks like, a Sports Bra becomes a staple in your wardrobe. These ultra-comfy styles let you move however you want, without weighing you down. They also limit jiggling and provide you with extra support during high-intensity exercises. You can choose from various impact levels to suit different exercise routines.

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Heidi is here for all the “write reasons” If she’s not reading a book or drinking coffee, then she’s on the hunt for a good pun!

Heidi is here for all the “write reasons” If she’s not reading a book or drinking coffee, then she’s on the hunt for a good pun!