UncategorizedWhat You Need To Wear Under A Mini-Dress!

Minis are tough to pull off, at first. Then you learn the ropes, sitting down, bending over, minding an A-line skirt on a windy day, and so on… The right lingerie can be your best ally in both, pulling off a mini-dress with aplomb, and preventing any embarrassing free-shows.

Here are some must-have pieces that’ll have you wearing your favourite mini-dress without a care!

Fighting A Flyaway Skirt

A flared mini dress is a fun, flirty and cool. But the wind will always be your mortal nemesis. Beat the breeze with these multi-taskers, that’ll double up as shaper, and booty-guard. Choose between sculpting shorts or mid length thigh shapers that’ll avoid VPL (visible panty lines) and give you a smoother leg-line as well. And if a Marilyn Monroe’esque moment happens, you won’t be caught unawares!

Dealing With Clingy Fabrics

Jersey/t-shirt material is wonderful to wear – it breathes, it falls beautifully, and it makes you look amazing. But it’s also a genius at targeting the spots you’re most sensitive about and clinging to them! Synthetic fabrics get super clingy if they catch static (you know what we mean, that electric crackling sound, hair standing on end and so on?) A shaping bodysuit will lend you invisible smoothening, and create a cling-resistant layer between your skin and the fabric.

You might not be able to stop the forces of nature, but with the right under-armour, you can definitely put up a good fight!

Team Zivame