UncategorizedThree Rules *Every* Gym-Goer Should Live By!

You’ve managed to stick to your gym regime and the results are showing. You stocked up on cute gym clothes, battled lazy mornings, made it through late nights and long commutes to make time for your workout. The hard part is over and we’re so proud of you!

Now as you work towards sustaining the fitness fever, here are 3 rules you should swear by to stay on track and get the most out of your workout!

Eat For Energy

Whether you are hitting the gym to lose weight or build muscle, you must focus on your diet. No; we don’t mean go on a crash diet. The ideal breakup of a good meal includes 60 per cent carbohydrates, 30 per cent protein and 10 per cent fats. Don’t compromise on this.

Have a light meal before you work out so you have the energy to hit your targets. A good pre-workout meal is low in both fat and fibre. Most importantly, make sure you hydrate through the day and while working out. Your body continues to burn fat even after you have left the gym and your muscles need water.

Breathe To Burn

You may be tempted to hold your breath while you push yourself to lift weights or power through that last set of push-ups. Don’t! Your muscles need oxygen to power your body. When you hold your breath, you are suffocating your muscles. This will make you tire faster and put you at a higher risk of cramping.

Force yourself to breathe and develop this habit while you workout. It may sound simple enough but you will have to work to make this a habit – I know I had to! Keep the breath slow and measured. So if you are doing a lift, breathe in while releasing and out while lifting.

Dress To Win
It would be a shame if your fitness gear didn’t complement your workout and that was the reason you didn’t hit your targets. You need gym wear that supports you in your conquest; such as compression power leggings. They are specially engineered with material that applies pressure on your muscles to help increase performance. Think of them as your bestie who pushes you to run faster, longer and harder.

An anti-microbial gym jacket may also be a good fit. It wicks away sweat and dries faster. The best part, however, is that it repels bacteria that is likely to grow from being exposed to excessive sweat. You can explore a wide range of activewear styles that are designed to suit every kind of workout, here!

So remember, girls! Eat, breathe, and dress to slay your workout! Check out the styles we’ve git for you!

Team Zivame