UncategorizedWhich Push-Up Bra Should You Choose?

Who doesn’t love a good push-up bra? They give us girls that little extra boost (physically and mentally) and have become a necessary item in a lot of women’s lingerie wardrobes – especially if you are an A cup like me! They’re the go-to piece when you’re wearing a low-cut blouse/choli/top, and if you want to show a little movie-style cleavage!

But how do you know which one to pick? Well, depending on your individual size, lift can come in three different levels. All you need to do, is find one that fits you best!

Level 1 Push-Up

While a Level 1 Push-Up doesn’t do much to increase your bust size, it sure can add some extra definition and give a subtly sexy lift. It’s a great option for women who want a little more volume on a ladies’ night out!

Level 2 Push-Up

Petite girls, this one’s for you! If you’re going out and find that your normal bra is bringing that confidence down a bit, get one of our level 2 push-up bras. Also called a medium push-up, these can make you look like you are one cup size bigger than your actual size! So put on that fitted top and go, girl!

Level 3 Push-Up

So it’s a Friday night, you’re ready to go out, and you’ve got your outfit all planned out. But your everyday t-shirt bra just won’t do justice to that deep neckline. What you need is a level 3 push-up bra. You look two cup sizes bigger, and more importantly, you get the shape and lift that’ll complement a plunge-neck dress. 

So, if it’s shape and lift you need, push-up bras are the answer! 

Team Zivame