UncategorizedBras Every Woman Needs This Monsoon!

Rainy days have their own distinct charm. Long drives to get chai and pakoras, romantic walks on freshly drizzled streets and cool breezes make it the most enjoyable season!

But then, there’s also insects and puddles and worst of all, icky-sticky wet clothes. Ugh! Plus it’s downright embarrassing for us women when the soaked clothes threaten to get translucent.

So we’ve picked out a collection of trusty, padded bras so you’re covered even while fully drenched!

The Office 9-to-5’s:

For long hours in the office, you need not only a padded bra, but one that dries quickly. Try the soft sheen padded bras from our @Work collection. The padding makes sure you don’t face any embarrassing see-through situations and the nylon-spandex material dries in a jiffy!

For Dates and Parties:

For these more dressy events, check out padded bras with sexy lace on them! They’ll actually enhance your shape and give you support along with rain protection.

Casual Fun:

For some weekend fun with your girlfriends, fun printed bras will fit in perfectly! With perky colours and designs, these are sure-shots to brighten up the gloomy weather. You could also wear padded bralettes for some extra style.

Shop these useful styles now!


Team Zivame