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Hipster Panties


Hipster Panty

Hipster Panties have become the most coveted choice for women who prefer comfort over everything else. However, do not be under the impression that Hipster Panties, reigning high on comfort, are anything close to being bland and boring. This one of its kind snug-fit underwear style is equally fad and functional, and therefore, has become increasingly popular among urban women today. While young girls love this style for its sporty and trendy look, most other women have embraced Hipsters whole-heartedly by virtue of its comfort and coverage.

Let us help you with a complete understanding of Hipster Panties before you browse through our lingerie store and add a bunch of these to your shopping cart.

What are Hipster Panties?

Did you know the term ‘hipster’ dates back to the 1940s? Ever since then this form of style has been synonymous with clothing that is casual and easy. Technically, women’s hipster underwear is somewhere between bikini panties and boy shorts – it comes with a snug fit and an increased rear coverage, and sits perfectly on your hip bone.  Let’s just say, Hip Huggers are your best bet on days when you’re in no mood for a cheeky reveal and need wholesome coverage.

What are the benefits of Hipster Underwear?

Hipster Panties give you a great fit for optimum coverage. You’d be overwhelmed to see the figure-flattering shape and comfort that you would achieve wearing one of these.

Apart from scoring high on comfort, they also camouflage seamlessly under your clothes. The edges of Hipster Panties usually give a smooth and neat finish. So, no more worrying about embarrassing panty lines peeking through your outfit.

What are the types of Hipster Panties?

Hipster panties can be categorized into three broad levels, viz., on the basis of waist level, on the basis of coverage, and on the basis of styles.

On the basis of waist level

  • High-waist Hipster Panties – High-waist Hipster Panties can cover most of your stomach and waist area and give you full coverage along with a seamless finish. If you love wearing body hugging outfits, don’t think twice before investing in high-waist Hipster Panties. They would also lift up your buttocks and give you an accentuated shape.

High Waist Hipster Panties

  • Mid-waist Hipster PantiesMid-waist Hipster Panties are an ideal solution to combat issues of a bloated stomach when wearing tight clothing. These take away the attention from your belly and embrace your curves naturally.

Mid Waist Hipster Panties

  • Low-waist Hipster PantiesLow-waist Hipster Panties are designed to be worn with low-waist pants and denims. They sit under your bottomwear obediently and save you from accidental peek-a-boos. They also keep you fuss-free and comfortable all day long.

Low Waist Hipster Panties

On the basis of coverage

  • 3/4th rear coverage – Not less, not more – Hipster Panties with a 3/4th rear coverage are just about perfect! With the right mix of sexy and comfortable, this Hipster underwear type provides an instant enhancement to your derriere. You can pair it with any outfit of your choice.

3/4th Rear Coverage Panties

  • Full rear coverageFull rear coverage Hipster Panties are supremely comfortable in the long run. They cover your tummy and butt like none other and give your waistline a modest shape. Regardless of the outfit you wear, they offer you unending comfort and confidence.

Full Rear Coverage Panty

On the basis of Styles

  • No Panty Line HipstersNo Panty Line Hipsters are a saviour when wearing tight-fitted outfits. Their smooth edges ensure zero visibility of panty lines.

No Panty Line

  • Tummy Tucker HipstersTummy Tucker Hipsters are engineered to give your waistline a sculpted shape. Bodycon dresses are usually worn with Tummy Tucker Hipsters for those extra compliments!

Tummy Tucker Hipster

  • Printed Hipsters – Prints on your lingerie can make a huge difference. Printed Hipster Panties feature vibrant colours and cute patterns that can instantly brighten up your day.

Printed Hipsters

  • Maternity Hipster Briefs – A Maternity Hipster Brief is designed for our dearest would-be-moms, who are looking for an ultimate comfort solution. These panties provide less pressure around the abdominal area. Furthermore, a self-fabric support and soft elastic coverage at the back reduces pressure on the baby bump. It couldn’t get any better than this, right ladies?

Maternity Hipster Panties

  • Seamless Hipster Panties – Seamless Hipster Panties offer full coverage and are designed in a mechanism aimed at minimizing panty lines. Opt for a Seamless Hipster Panty and get a smooth and seamless look under your outfits.

Seamless Hipster Panties

How to choose the right women’s Hipster Panty?

  • It is important to keep the following things in mind before you delve into Hipster shopping:
  • Hipsters complement all body types. So, it is advisable to pick a choice based on what looks best on your body. Go an extra mile and experiment with its different styles.
  • Stay true to your size, ladies! Have your measurements in place first. After all, you do not want to purchase a Hipster Panty that does not give you a comfortable fit.
  • Always buy Hipsters in combo packs. That way, you never miss out on options and end up saving a lot of money!

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