FashionUncomplicate Motherhood With Zivame’s Maternity Bras

Motherhood is a special time that should be about celebration. If you are a new mom or going to be one soon, embrace motherhood with Zivame Maternity Bras and let us take care of at least one important aspect of your new life i.e. nursing!

In case you are wondering why your traditional Bras just won’t do during pregnancy and nursing, reasons are plenty. As your body changes, so should your Bra. Maternity Bras are designed to be breathable, comfortable and come with removable front panels which make nursing effortless and convenient. This ease of feeding is the number one differentiating factor between traditional and Maternity Bras.

Apart from that, Maternity Bras are wire-free or have flexi-wires for increased comfort and to ensure there is no unnecessary pressure on the milk ducts that lead to blocking the milk flow. Blocked milk ducts can mean infection that requires antibiotic treatment which can break your breastfeeding routine for a few days. So, remember wearing a traditional Wired Bra while you are nursing is a BIG no-no.

As a new mom, you should choose Maternity Bras because they have soft, stretchable cups that can easily accommodate your growing breasts during pregnancy and nursing. Maternity Bras with larger cups are designed to have a wider back band and thicker straps for additional support to avoid possible shoulder and back pain. In fact, these Bras have more columns of hook and eye back closures than traditional Bras, so your Bra contracts and expands with you.

If you are finally on board for buying a Maternity Bra there are a few more things you should keep in mind to make an informed choice. Chances are that your skin during pregnancy and while lactating is more sensitive than usual. Choose a soft, breathable cotton Maternity Bra to keep your skin itch and rash-free. Make sure your Maternity Bra has at least double layers so you can avoid nipple show and wear this Bra comfortably under your everyday clothes. You can also wear Maternity Bras with discreet pad/cookie pockets for extra coverage.

Mommies, why choose traditional Bras when Zivame Maternity Bras can simplify your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey? Bring home Zivame Maternity Bras for a breezy and comfortable nursing routine today!


Team Zivame