UncategorizedWays to Fix a Bra Bulge

Every woman has dealt with the dreaded double-boob, side-boob and bit of back fat while wearing a Bra at some point in her life. It’s what we call a Bra Bulge. It can be awkward, can spoil your silhouette, and kill your look.  

Here we talk about some of the reasons for Bra Bulges and how you can fix them to achieve a comfortable fit and a smooth silhouette:

Incorrect Bra size and style: Did you know that the majority of women wear the incorrect Bra size because they don’t get fitted often? Your breast size can change due to so many reasons like weight loss or gain, pregnancy, nursing etc. You may not be the same size as you were a year back. And if you are still wearing the same Bra size, you are definitely dealing with Bra Bulges.

Take Zivame’s FITCODE Quiz to know your correct size without having to measure yourself. Once you have your perfect Bra size, check for the following things:

Band size: Ensure the band fits correctly. Close the clasp on the loosest hook and slide-in two fingers. If you can fit more than two fingers it’s too loose and too tight if only one finger fits. When you wear the correct band size, chances of Bra Bulges reduce drastically no matter what your body shape is.

Cup size: The cups of your Bra should cover your breasts perfectly- like a second skin. There should be no excess fabric hanging (too big) or spillage (too small). If you like the defined shape that an underwired Bra provides, ensure the wire fits properly around your breasts.

Poking, pinching, digging are all signs that you have either the incorrect band size or the wrong cup size that will result in a Bra Bulge for sure.

Incorrect Diet: Is your diet heavy on carbs and junk? Are you eating out too much? If you answered yes to these questions, chances are you are carrying extra weight because of your poor eating habits. Since different bodies store fat differently, yours may be on your back and chest resulting in the infamous Bra Bulge.

If you wish to get rid of the Bra Bulge, all you need is a little motivation and determination. Start with simple things like limiting junk food. Replace it with clean foods like fruit green veggies, whole grains, nuts, salads. Replace fizzy drinks with water. Limit eating out and rely on home-cooked food. Indulge in your favourite foods as a special treat once a week. Even when you do eat junk or fried food occasionally, try and control your portions.

No Exercise: Lack of exercise is a major contributor to weight gain and as a result, the Bra Bulge. To shed extra fat and build muscle, exercise is a must. A combination of cardio, bodyweight exercises and strength training will help you lose excess weight and gain muscle. But if you don’t like working out in the gym, that’s not a problem either. Find an activity that interests you. It can be running, Zumba, Spin class, Power Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics – the list is endless. These exercises are good for your body’s overall health, inside and outside. 

While overall weight loss will reduce the chances of Bra Bulges drastically, there are a few exercises you can focus on to tighten your back and chest muscles like push-ups, pull-ups, tricep presses, rowing, chest fly etc. But remember this is not a spot reduction method (there is no such thing) but simple exercises to tighten and tone certain muscles.

If you are dealing with a Bra Bulge at the back you should consider getting yourself a Front Closure Bra that has clasps in the front. Since there are no hooks at the back, your back will always remain smooth and bulge-free.

If you are a curvy girl and want to tackle side fat and back fat at the same time, go for a well-constructed Bra that has a wide back band and thick straps. This kind of Bra gives you a smoothening effect and eliminates Bra Bulges. A full set of breasts also do well in a full coverage Bra that saves you from any kind of spillage (top or side).

Now that you have all the ‘gyaan’, find your correct Bra size and style on Zivame and defeat the dreaded Bra Bulge right away!

Team Zivame