UncategorizedWe Tell You What To Wear To A Zumba Class!

Want to start working out but cringe at the thought of monotonous gym exercises? Then, Zumba is your best bet! Full of upbeat music, energetic moves and tons of fun, it’s more of an active night out with friends rather than a tedious workout. But since there’s going to be a lot of movement involving jumping and stretching, you need to pick out the right kind of clothing. We tell you just what you need to wear to a Zumba class! Read on.

Move on from cotton

Cotton garments are very efficient at absorbing your sweat, yes. But your T-shirt will still be damp with sweat at the end of such an intense workout. Instead, opt for moisture-wicking fabrics with insta-dry technology that’ll help you stay cool when you’re busting a move.

Invest in the right bra

Your bust requires adequate support during a workout, more so during a high-intensity one like Zumba. Your breast tissue moves up and down a lot during this and not providing support will cause back pain, discomfort and tissue damage which can, in turn, lead to sagging and stretch marks. What you need is a high impact sports bra. Invest in a good quality one to ensure that uncomfortable bounce doesn’t come in the way of your workout!


Know your leggings

Do you get conscious of how your hips and thighs look while you workout? What you need are leggings that offer zonal or all-over compression that hold your muscles firmly and keep away awkward jiggle. Shop leggings with all over compression for this power movement workout. They have consistent levels of compression throughout the garment to support you during the workout so you can feel every muscle move.

Go from basic to bold

Yes, we all have a thing for black! But how about adding bright colours to your workout? For one, the peppy colours put you in a better mood and it’s likely that’ll you’ll be more motivated to workout harder. And not just that! It pumps the energy levels of the class to a slightly higher intensity.

And that’s all! Now, shop the right activewear to sweat in style and slay in your Zumba class!


Team Zivame