Uncategorized5 Reasons Why Your Bra Doesn’t Fit Right

Uncomfortable, frustrating or sometimes even embarrassing! We all know the pain of wearing a wrong bra and how much it can ruin our day. But if you’re struggling too much, it may be time to look inwards to identify why your bra isn’t working for you. And we’re here to help! Go on and read about the top 5 possible reasons why your bra might not be fitting you right!

1) You buy bras by band or cup size

The right answer to “What’s your bra size?” isn’t just a number or letter of the alphabet. Your size isn’t 34. Neither is it D. It’s actually a combination of both. If you’re looking to find your true size, get reacquainted with the measuring tape and use our bra size calculator to find your perfect fit!

2) You keep the bra for over 6 months

Even if a bra is maintained well, it can last you only about six months. After this, the band and fabric of the bra begins to wear out and you’re going to start losing out on its support. So, soon after you hit the 6 month mark, it may be time to start browsing for a new one again.

3) You choose the wrong type of bra for your body shape

If you’re curvy and you’ve been wearing a bra with thin straps and medium coverage, you’re most probably going to experience chafing and spillage. Instead, opt for a bra with thick straps and high coverage cups. So, how about visiting a fit advisor who’ll give you a personalised style consultation? You’ll walk out wearing a bra that fits just right!

4) You haven’t been fitted in years

“But I’ve been 32C all my life” No! You mean you’ve been wearing a 32C bra all your life. As women, we know that our bodies are constantly undergoing changes caused by medications, pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, hormonal changes… the list goes on. Hence, it’s advisable to get refit once every year! If you don’t know where to go, you can just visit the nearest Zivame studio for a free fit consultation.

5) You haven’t been giving your bras the TLC they deserve

For starters, machine washing bras is a big no-no. The vigorous spinning they go through in the washing machine will damage the elasticity, fabric and even the underwire. So, it’s advisable to hand wash them. Also, stock up enough number of bras to rotate them all week since washing lingerie too often can reduce their lifespan. You can also find out the right ways to care for your lingerie here

Are you doing any of the above? Well, now you know better! So, go on, and pick out the right bra for you.

Team Zivame