Types of bras for indian women

10 Lingerie Styles *Best-Suited* For Indian Women

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Types of bras for indian women

Tired of wearing bras that just don’t fit right or rather don’t suit your body type? Feel like that lingerie you bought looked better in the super model’s picture on the packaging box? Well, ladies, are you sure you’re wearing the styles that are made for your body? Maybe not!

It’s possible! ‘Cos we Indian women have gorgeous curves that need something to support them well, and keep us comfy during those extra-long demanding days at work!

Now if your lingerie isn’t doing that for you, maybe you should take a look at these 10 lingerie styles which were made for Indian women!





#1 Cotton comfort to beat the heat
Nothing’s better than cotton for the hot Indian summers. When the sun’s scorching heat is beating down your back, there’s only one thing we want – something cool and comfortable! And this lingerie style is just what you need – A cotton (perfect!), non-wired (yay!), non-padded (wow!) T-shirt bra! What’s more, with moulded and seamless cups, it gives a clean ‘n smooth finish.











#2 Minimisers for working women
If there’s one thing we really hate, it’s gaping shirt buttons. Think about it, you’re getting ready for work early in the morning, you still have a lunch to pack and breakfast to eat, and there you are – staring at the mirror while your shirt stretches across your bust leaving a gap between the buttons. Well save yourself the hassle and the time by getting a minimiser bra. Made of non-stretch fabric, it is engineered to re-distribute breast tissue, ensure support, eliminate spillage and visually reduce the bust size.





#3 Non-padded, non-wired yet shaping!
A twist on the traditional everyday-wear white bra, this style is all about comfort that offers maximum support too! If you don’t believe the two can co-exist when it comes to lingerie, prepare to be surprised! This lace trimmed cut-and-sew bra is wire-free, non-padded and made of breathable lightweight fabric to keep you cool. It has cotton-lined, laminated cups that are created by fusing two fabric layers together, resulting in sleek, high strength cups that provide better support and shaping to the breast!









#4 Quattro comfort!
They say Indian women tend to be full-figured and curvy; And don’t we love it! ‘Cos ladies what better way to celebrate our inner beauty than with pretty (and functional) lingerie? We’re talking super support combined with sexy styles! Our signature Quattro collection bra is designed with laminated cups made of no-stretch fabric, a smoothening broad bottom band, wide cushioned straps for extra support and a power-net back band to control unwanted bulges! And it has beautiful lace details on the straps and cups – what more could a woman want?










#5 An easy cover-up
Uncomfortable showing too much cleavage? Do you always layer your low neck tops with a slip and a bra? Well not anymore! These cami-bras were made for you! They’re two-in-one: combining the coverage of a camisole with the support of a bra, they’re all you need under a plunging neckline!













#6 An *ultra-light* T-shirt bra
Ladies, here’s a new take on t-shirt bras that lives up to the expectations! Using minimal construction, this bra is made of lightweight micro-fibre ‘unicups’ that have a feather-light finish. What’s more, its full ‘centre-gore’ offers maximum support and ensures the bra sits comfortably on the bust. No extra padding, no underwires and no separate cups! This just may be the bra of your dreams!










#7 Curve-loving bras
Curvy women often face the dilemma of choosing between padded and non-padded bras. While padded styles ensure zero nipple-show, women believe they also visually enhance fuller breasts. Now ladies, no point in just sitting and sighing, we’ve got a fix for you! The Goddess collection curvy bras have lightly padded cups that are non-bulky, ensure no-show and shape the bust. It’s a win-win-win!






#8 Waistline smoothener
Want to hide love handles but don’t know how? We can show you! Simply opt for a pair of cotton comfy tummy tucker panties! These are high-waist briefs with a broad flexible waistband that gives uniform compression. It conceals unwanted bulges around the waistline to give you a sleek look!





#9 Short short underwear
Not everyone is comfortable wearing regular panties under flared dresses and mini skirts! So, we wear those tights underneath our outfits and over our panties! But why add the extra layers when you have boyshorts? They offer complete rear coverage extending down to the upper-thigh and look exactly like body-hugging super-short shorts! Problem solved!






#10 The most comfortable panty
Long working hours and hot summer days call for comfortable panties that don’t cause problems! Yes, we’re talking about hipster panties that offer full rear coverage and sit comfortably on the hip. What’s more, these ones have a cotton gusset for hygiene! A gusset is a breathable lining along the centre of the panty that absorbs moisture, keeping you fresh all day!

Now that your new and improved shopping list is ready, what are you waiting for?

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