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What is a Plunge Bra? Benefits Explained

It’s a date. You want to wear the sexiest outfit in your wardrobe but it has a low neckline and you are worried about an accidental wardrobe malfunction. Moreover, body tapes and strapless bras might not be as helpful if you want to flaunt that perfect decolletage! So, what should you do? 

Enter Plunge Bra – one of the most flattering bra styles for women who prefer to wear low neckline outfits. So, what is a Plunge Bra, you might ask? Without any further ado, let’s get you introduced to this lingerie style.

What is a Plunge Bra?

A Plunge Bra is an underwired bra featuring angled cups centred towards the deep V gore. Due to its low centre front, it offers moderate coverage and helps you flaunt a revealing neckline. It is, therefore, best suited for deep-neck tops, dresses, gowns, etc. The Plunge Bra will also create an illusion of larger breasts as it pushes them together and creates a deep line of cleavage at the centre.

Features of a Plunge Bra

  • Deep V Gore – The deep centre gore is the most unique feature of a Plunge Bra. The gore is the middle part of the bra, where the cups usually connect. On a Plunge Bra, this meeting point is much lower on your chest. So, unlike your normal bra which has a gentle slope on the top, the Plunge Bra has a steep drop down towards the middle.
  • Wide Set Straps – The straps of a Plunge Bra sit on the outer edge of your collarbone and are much closer to the edge of your shoulder than a regular bra. They sit snugly on your body and do not dig into your skin or slip off now and then. 
  • Angled Cups – The way the cups of a Plunge Bra are angled helps your breasts get moderate coverage. It is a misconception that women with larger cup sizes cannot wear Plunge Bras because they might spill out. These bras would actually cover you up more towards the top and you can easily wear them to show off a little skin without sacrificing comfort or coverage. 

Top Benefits of a Plunge Bra

  • Get a Natural Lift – Plunge Bras give your breasts a natural lift and make them look perky.
  • Show-off bold outfits confidently – It is hard to feel comfortable when you are wearing a tricky outfit. But a Plunge Bra could be your best bet at this point. No point cribbing over tapes slipping off, bra straps showing or constantly having to reposition your breasts because they simply look out of shape! 

Best selling Plunge Bras on Zivame

  • Zivame Modern Grounds Push Up Wired Medium Coverage Pretty Back Bra – Lipstick Red – Elevate your style with Zivame’s ‘Modern Grounds’ collection- bras designed in shades of pistachio and lemon meringue with contrasting bows and floral logos.This Plunge Bra from our Modern Grounds capsule is a must-have in your closet of intimates. The plunge wire helps you pair this bra with low neckline outfits, whereas its cups literally go invisible under your outfit. It also features a front closure, gives your breasts a moderate lift and enhances your natural cleavage. 

  • Zivame Moroccan Lace Padded Wired 3/4th Coverage Lace Bra – Valerian – This lilac purple Plunge Bra from our Moroccan Lace collection is inspired by famed Moroccan culture and  architecture to give you that luxurious, sensual feel. Its wired frame gives your breasts fine shaping and added support, and the lightly padded cups ensure a no-nipple-show.

  • Zivame Sensual Stir Padded Wired Medium Coverage Lace Bra – Mustard – This Plunge Bra from our Sensual Stir collection stands out for its coloured straps and beautiful lace detailings, accentuated by a deep neckline. The padded seamed cups offer enhanced support and nipple coverage and its slim high-centre panel ensures no bounce. It is a unique combination of grace and functionality.

  • Zivame Rhapsody of Blue Push Up Regular Wired Medium Coverage Bra – Minion Yellow – Elevate your style with this pretty Plunge Bra from our Rhapsody of Blue collection. Its happy hues and floral prints ought to add a charm to your everyday wear. Revel in the comfort of padded and wired cups that have a barely-there feel and achieve a smooth silhouette in seconds! Pair them with those breezy button-downs and you are all set to make heads turn. 

So ladies, are you ready to take the plunge? Explore our entire range of snazzy Plunge Bra styles.

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