UncategorizedHow to Wear Bra Perfectly Step By Step Guide

Wearing a perfect bra fit is not enough if you don’t know how to wear a bra. Most women go wrong when it comes to putting on a bra, even when the bra size is perfect.  It is essential to know how to wear a bra properly to get the desired look and feel.

Whether it’s a padded bra or a sports bra, there’s a question you always need to address- “Are you wearing it right?”

‘Cause even the right size bra will make you feel uncomfortable and won’t provide adequate support if worn incorrectly. So, join us, ladies, as we now tell you how to wear a bra perfectly.

#1 Lean Forward:

The first step of how to put on a bra is to lean forward while slipping into your bra. This gives your breasts the space to settle into the cups naturally. If you find that even after doing this, there’s some spillage, adjust the displaced breast tissues and carefully place them inside your bra cup

#2 Hook It On Right:

Moving on to the hooks. Hooking just one gives only partial support to your bust. The correct way to wear a bra is by clasping all of them. Also, make sure the back band isn’t riding up and stays parallel to the ground. Additionally, as a thumb rule, make sure that you start with the loosest hook when you purchase a new bra and eventually move inward. This is because, over its lifetime, the fabric of your bra stretches out.

#3 Strap It On:

We often receive queries from women asking why their straps dig into their shoulders and leave marks. Ideally, this isn’t supposed to happen. A proper way to wear a bra is by adjusting the straps using the slider and making sure the slider stays on the top of your shoulder.

#4 Use this checklist:

After having done all this, there are three easy steps to check if your bra fits right.

  1. Try sliding two fingers under the strap and back band. 
  2. Check if the underwire is under the bust and not on it. 
  3. See if the centre gore sits flat against your chest.

Now that you know your size for sure, start shopping some styles here!

Team Zivame