UncategorizedFront Open Bras: A Zivame Tell-All


The lingerie market has come a long way from the white conical Bra. Remember that? Ugh! We know! It’s a blast from the past we don’t mind erasing from our memory. Today, we are spoilt for choice. We can pick between T-shirt Bras, lace Bras, padded Bras, backless Bras, Sports Bras… the list is endless. Let’s add another name to this ever-expanding (Thank God!) list- Front Open Bras! You may have heard of them but do you know how they work? Front Open Bras have remained a bit of a mystery, but don’t worry, we are here to shine some light on them and tell you everything you need to know!

A Front Open Bra is exactly what it says it does! Instead of opening from the back like a traditional Bra, it opens in the front! The clasp sits in the middle of your breasts on the breastplate. Isn’t that amazing? If you have been straining your arms just to snap shut your Bra, you need a Front Open Bra in your wardrobe right now! It is especially helpful for ladies with arm mobility issues or any other disability that restricts complex arm movements.

Since the functional clasp is in the front, Front Open Bras almost always have pretty back designs like lace, racer-backs, crisscross etc. If you are a fan of bringing sexy back- this Bra is made for you! You will get a smooth back silhouette every time you wear this Bra- no awkward clasp bump anymore! Yay!

What’s more? Front Open Bras are available in a variety of designs and styles like T-shirt Bras, padded Bra, wired Bra, full-coverage Bra, lace Bra and more. The only big difference is that the clasp is finally within your reach and under your control!

Here are some of our favourite Front Open Bras that we know you will love too:

Front Open T-shirt Bra:

This padded and underwired Bra gives you medium coverage and comes with convertible straps. It gives you a super soft and clean finish which is perfect to wear to work- minimal, functional and comfortable! Pair this Front Open Bra with a smart fitted blouse, linen pants and comfortable office heels for your next work meeting!

Front Open Pretty Back Bra:

This pretty lace Bra is padded and underwired for maximum comfort. It has a designer back with intricate lace details which you will love to show-off in an equally pretty and breezy summer dress. And don’t worry about the clasp peeking at the back, cuz remember? It’s on the front!

Front Open Full Coverage Bra:

Normally, the clasp of the Front Open Bra is narrow so it hides seamlessly between your breasts. Some women (especially curvies) find this a bit uncomfortable and understandably so. But guess what? We kept our curvy sister’s in mind and designed a full-coverage Front Open Bra especially for them. 

Check out this Full Coverage Super Support Bra that is non-padded and wire-free to keep you comfortable for long hours. Amazing fit, no-spillage from any angle, easy to wear and complete with a pretty lace design. Now that’s a sure shot winner!


Front Open Bras are here to stay and here to slay! Say No to awkward dancing and back pain just to shut your Bra!  Head to Zivame and bring home a comfortable and convenient Front Open Bra today!

Team Zivame