5 Types Of Panties *EVERY* Woman Should Own!

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We all have multiple bras for different outfits, but why do always end up buying the same old panties? There’s a whole range of panties made for all the kinds of outfits you have in your wardrobe – some for comfort, some that go invisible under clothes, and some for those times when you want to feel sexy. Want to know which ones to pick? Read on!

We’ve made a handy guide of 5 kinds of panties you need in your wardrobe:

#1 High-Coverage Hipsters

This is the basic everyday panty you need. It comes in different waist lengths – high-waist, mid-waist, low-waist – and has high rear coverage, making it perfect under almost any kind of outfit. It’s also super comfortable; so make sure you get yourself a Hipster panty for daily wear!

#2 Seamless Styles

Seamless panties are a heaven-send on days when you’re wearing fitted bottoms. They’re laser-cut and have no sewn edges which means no embarrassing panty lines will be visible through your clothes. In a time where everyone’s wearing leggings instead of jeans, seamless panties will be your no-panty-line heroes!

#3 Barely-There Thongs

If you’re looking for sensual lingerie, thongs are where you should start. With almost zero rear-coverage, these styles are at the top of the sexy list! Apart from that, thongs are also good for days when you want no panty-lines showing under pencil skirts, bodycon dresses and leggings.

#4 Comfy Boyshorts

Boyshorts are super-cute and comfortable! They offer full coverage and come in a variety of styles – from sexy lace to quirky prints you can find enough options to load up your lingerie drawer. Wear them under flared dresses and short skirts so you won’t be caught unaware in any Marilyn Monroe-esque moment!

#5 Tummy-Tuckers

Tummy-Tucker panties are high-waist, abdomen-control panties that compress your tummy and sides so you can wear those fitted tops and dresses without any worry of visible bulges. There are some seamless options, so you don’t have to worry about any chafing edges or see-through lines!

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on the *must-have* panties, how about stocking up?



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