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If you take all the supermodels and all the chic queens in the world, no matter their style preference, you’ll most likely end up with this one consensus  – good lingerie is crucial. Well, the types of panties and brassiere each prefer would differ, of course. Thing is, the glam and ‘ oomph factor’ begins from within. You know how the French women’s style is synonymous to elegance and chic? They consider lingerie to be the foundation in their appearance. In short, your innerwear might not show but holds the key to feeling and looking your best.

Let’s take a look at a thing or two about panties for the ladies. If you feel like you don’t need a lesson on the different kinds of panties and how to choose the right one, maybe, see how well you know your brassieres?  When it comes to women and their innerwear It’s a whole new world out there, what with the vast variety of design, options and trends. So, for now, let’s go through the types of panties you should be familiar with as a woman.

Here are some of the different varieties of panties for women:


These are high-waist panties. As the name suggests, they help tuck your tummy in those high-waist bands. They also cover most parts of your butt-cheeks. In other words, these high-waisted tummy tuckers will handle your love handle very well. They are like body-shapers as the panty neatly covers the sides of your tummy by letting those bulges stay snug in place underneath it. These are great for when you want to wear tight-fitting tops and dresses.


This one usually has high-cut leg holes with a waistband a few inches below the waist. Their sexier variety comes in the form of a string bikini, which has thin strings of fabric making up the leg hole. Coverage varies but most bikinis provide decent coverage. Bikinis go well with almost every outfit.

Maternity Panties 

It won’t be wrong to say there are panties for everyone, every occasion.  Maternity panties are specially designed for comfort and support for pregnant women. They come in high-rise and some come up to the belly, basically covering the bump. Made with the intention to provide maximum comfort, maternity panties are usually soft and stretchy with good coverage of the buttocks and the bump area. And they don’t have to be boring at all! There are several types of maternal panties available in terms of fabric and design. Check out trendy maternity panties to wear them with.

Period Panties

You guessed it right, period panties are for that time of the month. Period panties are gaining popularity these days with more women looking for better comfort and efficiency while going through their menstruation. These panties provide menstrual hygiene like never before. Period panties are replacements for pads and tampons or cups; with added comfort and better economy (because they are reusable). You can choose from low to high-rise, among several designs. They are supposed to be leak-proof and provide really good coverage. Wear Period Panties with any outfit, really, you just have to select the right variety based on the rise and coverage. 

Seamless Panties

Without the sewn edge and usual seam lines to show, these panties are great options for almost any outfit. It’s perfect for when you don’t want the world to see panty lines beneath your dress. As they give really smooth coverage (cheek coverage may vary) you can wear them with body-hugging pants and dresses. They go well with leggings too. 


Boyshorts are designed after men’s briefs, thus the name. Boyshorts  have low-cut leg-holes, some extend down to the mid-thigh, similar to cycling shorts. They  are like hipsters with full coverage because of its shorts-like shape. They  are usually known for the comfort they offer. They are great for casual wear. Boyshorts are great for flared dresses and  short skirts. You can also wear them with high-rise and even medium-rise pants, better not match them with the low-rise trousers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which panty is good for daily use?

That depends on the kind of lifestyle you lead. Boyshorts and bikinis are great options to lounge around at home. Staying at home, out for a jog, evening date or daily office wear? Have your pick from a variety of comfortable and trendy options at Zivame

  1. How to choose the right panty for different body types?

There are several things to factor in while trying to choose the right panty. Along with knowing your body type, you may have to consider size, comfort, and the shape of the panty. As some panty shapes may not flatter everyone, at the end of day, don’t fuss about too much as long as you feel good in them. Also make sure that you are going for the right panty size

  1. What kind of panties are most comfortable ?

That depends on what you find comfortable. Boyshorts and bikinis are great options to lounge around at home.  Whichever types of panties you choose, go for fabrics that offer optimal comfort like cotton. 

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on the *must-have* panties, how about stocking up?

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