LifestyleWhen I Was A Little Girl: Reliving Childhood Monsoon Memories

Monsoon with the smell of earth, coffee and pakodas, calls for a trip down memory lane. We all grew up somewhere between “I love splashing in rain puddles” and “I don’t want to get my hair wet”! Rains, when you’re young, are fun and bring out all of life’s little pleasures. Trodding down muddy routes in mucky shoes, unexpected holidays from school, playing hide and seek in the rain, all laced with the memories of Papa ‘performing’ his rendition of old-school classics.

Let your child experience an equally fun monsoon, let them in on the memories you created growing up, and bonus, you’ll have fun reliving those moments yourself.

1. Splish Splash in puddles

Enjoy the endless moments of splashing around in puddles while playing in the rain. Our favourite games didn’t end with cycling in the rain, playing lagori in open fields, or even hide and seek. Getting dirty without a care in the world is a unique childhood experience. Let your little one embark on that journey because we know you’ll be waiting for her with a dry towel and a hot beverage the second she walks through the door!

2. Origami fun with paper boats

There’s no better feeling than encouraging your child to get creative and crafty. Our childhoods were filled with making paper boats and watching them swim through mini-water canals. It’s time you rolled up your sleeves, Mama! Tear up a sheet out of that old book, and fold them up origami-style into swans, lotus, frogs and more as you chase rainbows along the streams with your kids. 

3. Bursts of colourful raincoats

Surrounded by misty windows and the smell of dewy freshness in the air, the monsoon season feels complete. That just calls for a pop of colour amidst skies of grey! Whether it’s going to school or for a walk around the block, it’s time for colourful raincoats and fancy umbrellas. They’re definitely a vibe for your little ones who love vibrant hues as they hop, skip and jump in their carefree world.

4. Hot tea and pakoras with the family 

Make monsoon-chilling a family affair! On those extra chilly days, culinary cravings and rainy day snacks are irreplaceable. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a day indoors, wrapped up in warm blankets, with hot tea and some fresh crispy pakoras, samosas and jalebis. Not to forget the old nostalgic playlist as you try your best to beat your sibling in board games.

As adults, we somehow associate rainy days with water-logged roads, tons of traffic, and even frizzy hair. But the memories from the good ol’ days will have you truly appreciating nature’s beauty. Get onboard the monsoon express with your children and look back on all the amusement that was. Don’t forget to cosy up in warm Nightwear from Zivame Girl!

Heidi Thomas

Heidi is here for all the “write reasons” If she’s not reading a book or drinking coffee, then she’s on the hunt for a good pun!

Heidi is here for all the “write reasons” If she’s not reading a book or drinking coffee, then she’s on the hunt for a good pun!