Lifestyle5 Panty Fun Facts You Never Knew

In our relationship with our clothes, we always take our panties for granted. They are like the friend who doesn’t talk too much but is always there to listen. Today, we listen to our chaddi buddy. Keep aside that popular bra that always gets your attention, and let’s find out some fun facts about panties that you probably never knew!



How much do you really know about the panty you put on every day? Read on to get some interesting trivia to tell your girlfriends on your next night in!


#1 In ancient Rome, women wore an un-pronounceable type of a panty
It was called subligaculum and it looked suspiciously like a bikini bottom. It also came in the form of shorts, much like our boy shorts of today. Sounds like lingerie fashion has come full circle, eh?


#2 It was once called a ‘Whale tail’
We have seen this whale tail a lot. Back in the 2000s, when low-rise jeans gained popularity, the Y-shaped waistband of the thong got a lot of exposure. No points for guessing where the peeping thong got its name from.


#3 Pull up the drawers
Ever heard of panties being referred to as drawers? A drawer is something you pull at. So, during the 16th century, people began to use the word drawers to mention knickers and panties i.e. something you had to pull down. It was derived from the French word ‘tirer’ (to pull). Open and shut case, huh?


#4 Open or closed?
During the Victorian age, open-crotch panties were a staple because they believed that it was more hygienic. It was the Can Can dancers in Paris, who then brought in the concept of closed-crotch underwear.


#5 Lucky panties
In Italy, it is considered good luck to start the New Year wearing red coloured underwear. Women all over the country, bring out their best red panties to celebrate the start of the year on a lucky note! Any takers for next year?


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