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Essential Products to include in your Winter Skincare Routine

Sunscreen when the sun’s probably not out? Here’s the deal – Sunscreen is an all-season skin lifesaver that contains loads of antioxidants and nourishing ingredients that go a long way in keeping your skin healthy and safe from pollutants.

Choose from a range of nourishing lip balms, from products that contain Ayurvedic ingredients, to balms that offer SPF protection and up to 6-hours of moisture retention. The winter weather calls for protection from cracking and chapping, and you can include one of these lip balms for smooth and hydrated lips!

Include face toners into your regime, right after gently cleansing to prep your skin for your moisturizers and serums. Toners play an important role in your routine because cleansing can sometimes dry out your skin and strip them off moisture. 

When winter arrives, your entire skincare regimen is bound to have a few changes and additions. Taking everything into consideration, winter is definitely the time to pamper your skin and keep it from becoming dry and flaky. Moisturizers play an important role in keeping your skin soft and supple.

Who doesn’t love a little extra hydration? Face oils are a huge win-win for especially those with dry skin types because they add some extra moisture to your skin’s layers. Face oils can be a part of your daily morning or nighttime routine to give you sparkling skin that lasts all day long!

Face creams are gentle formulas that mainly moisturize and nourish your face. Face creams often contain highly concentrated formulas with the goodness of natural ingredients like macadamia nuts, figs, melons, and a whole lot more. They penetrate your skin and leave it feeling hydrated from within, and that’s what makes them absolute essentials in your winter vanity kit!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What should I put on my skincare routine in the winter?

Depending on your skin type, you can choose from a range of products for your winter routine. One thing is for certain and that’s the fact that you have to include products that have hydrating skincare properties to make sure that the cold weather does not dry out your skin.

2. How can I take care of my skin in winter?

For starters, keep your skin hydrated at all times this winter. Whether it is by using the right moisturizers, serum, and face oils, or by simply making sure you drink enough water, you can do your bit to take care of your skin. 

3. Should I change my skincare routine in winter?

Yes, ideally you should change your skincare routine as and when seasons change. This is because no matter what your skin type is, they react differently in different climatic conditions. So while summer may mean heavily dehydrated skin, winter could bring about dry and flakey skin conditions. 

Heidi Thomas

Heidi is here for all the “write reasons” If she’s not reading a book or drinking coffee, then she’s on the hunt for a good pun!

Heidi is here for all the “write reasons” If she’s not reading a book or drinking coffee, then she’s on the hunt for a good pun!