Lifestyle10 Hacks To Outsmart A Hangover!

Ladies, I know the struggle is real! Believe me, I’ve been there and vowed to give up alcohol every Thursday, Saturday, Sunday & sometimes even Monday morning! Obviously, I’ve not kept my vows but instead cracked this fool-proof strategy to nip that hangover in the bud!

#1 Bite Before You Sip

Start your evening with your tummy full. My preference – a full portion of fries topped with cheese, or you can go old school and munch down a bowl of curd rice; as long as you eat before you start drinking for the night!

#2 Water It Down

H2O – very necessary before, during & after drinking your choice of poison. My method – alternate every mug of beer with a glass of water.

#3 Give Your Sweet Tooth A Rest

Resisting that choco-licious bowl of sizzling fudge, warm brownie & cold ice-cream is tough, but you’re just going in for the worst hangover in history. How to cheat – eat it before the drinking starts.

#4 Serve Yourself Some Lemons

Now, this is my secret party trick – at the end of the night, finish up with warm lime water/lemon juice without sugar. This makes your body more alkaline, hydrated and gets rid of any potential headaches the next day! J

#5 Roll Out Your Yoga Mat In The Morning

Yes, YOGA in reverse helps! 😉 Start with Savasana (corpse pose) to rest completely, go on to Balasana (child pose) to wake up a little & finish up with Mārjāryāsana (cat pose) for a good stretch at the end!

#6 Eat Your Aloe Vera Plant

Really! Take 3 spoons of clear aloe gel through the day. It flushes out toxins, helps digestion & increases hydration. Yes, it does taste a bit weird; but it’s OK!

#7 Apples Keep The Doctor & The Hangover Away

Drink as many glasses of apple juice as you can! It gives an instant dose of Vitamin C, Fructose (natural sugar) & the much needed H20. Any trace of that annoying headache will disappear!

#8 Slap On Your Biggest Shades & Step Out

I understand that the sun, light & everything bright is our worst enemy at the moment; but fresh air is I-M-P-O-R-T-A-N-T. Just do it.

#9 Go On, Monkey Around!

If you’ve made it through so far and managed to get work, chomp down on 2 bananas right away for instant potassium. Soak the peels in water for an hour and drink that too!

#10 Take A Cat Nap Or Even Better Nap With Your Cat

I’m sure sleep wouldn’t have been as peaceful in the night, so, if you can, just sneak in a quick nap at work or head home early, hit the bed & cuddle the cat!


So, keep calm and party on!

And, while you’re at it, why not pick some red hot styles too? See what I recommend.

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