Uncategorized3 Lingerie Trends We’re Loving This Year

Just like the rest of the fashion world, the lingerie industry sees its own trends. With half the year gone and a multitude of styles emerging, we thought we’d pick out our favourites! Here goes…

Longline Bras –

If bralettes dominated last year, they’ve evolved into longline bras now, with bands extending over the ribcage. These pretty styles can easily swap crop tops now. Wear a cute lacy longline bra with a short black skirt and jacket for the perfect concert look!

Printed Lingerie –

Tartan coats? Nah, tartan bras! Animal print handbag? Nope, animal print lingerie. You heard it right! Bras are not just about lace and sheen anymore, you include them in telling a story via prints!

High-cut Panties –

Modern fashion has always been inspired by past decades. And these high cut panties ooze old glamour and class. With the straps sitting above your hips rather than on them, they accentuate the waistline curves like no other. This makes them a must-have for form-hugging clothes!

With these new trends in mind, shop now!


Team Zivame