Now Launched: The Lightest Bra In India

What if you had a bra that you didn’t want to take off at the end of the day? A bra so comfortable, that you forgot you were wearing it? Sounds almost impossible, right? It’s not! Our designers have developed a bra so light, so soft and so easy to wear that you’d won’t even feel it against your skin. This marvel is what we call ‘The Miracle Bra’!

Want to know what’s so special about it? We tell you why our Miracle Bra is something you’ll want in your lingerie wardrobe now:

Laser Cut For A Seamless Look

With laser cut edges, this is a bra that you can live in. The smooth edges will sit close to your skin which means no awkward bra lines! Plus, they won’t dig into your skin or leave any chafe marks.It’s a bra that you can wear anywhere and know it won’t let you down.

Convertible Straps For Convenience

We already said you can party in this bra but what if you have a dress that can’t let straps be seen? No problem! Just change the straps into transparent straps and you’re ready to go!

Elastic Free Ease For All Day Comfort

Absolutely no elastic! How great does that sound? Say goodbye to those terrible red marks you have under your bust at the end of a long day. This bra is something you can work in, sleep in and even party in without being bothered at all.

All Over Seamless For No Show-Through

This bra also has zero seams – not on the sides, edges or cups. So, not only does it feel like you’re wearing nothing, it also ensures that no bra lines or cup lines show through under your clothes.

Smart Bonding For Support

Yes, this bra is comfortable and light but it does not compromise on support in any way. With in-built bonding around the cups and on the sides, this bra offers support so strategically that you won’t have to worry about a sagging bust. It also comes with cups that give you enough compression and ensure no bounce!

So if you need a bra that you can wear anywhere and at anytime, get the Miracle Bra now! It’s so light, you’ll forget you’re wearing one!

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