Uncategorized3 Reasons Why I Don’t Want to Grow Up

I think we can all agree that while we wanted to ‘grow-up’ fast, now that we’re actually at adulthood junction, we’d love to turn back the time to when we were kids! Sure, we now have the freedom to sleep when we want, party all night long and indulge ourselves without permission. But there are still some habits from those by-gone days, that I can’t give up. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how old I get, here are a few reasons why I don’t really want to ‘grow up’!


  • Because after a long day, nothing feels as good as watching a heart-warming Disney movie

Whenever I’ve had an exhausting day, nothing makes me feel better than watching some of my all-time favourite disney movies. If I need a feel-good-cry, I always pick The Lion King. If I need a little bit of motivation, nothing empowers me more than watching the fearless Pocahontas. And if I’m feeling dreamy a little bit of the Little Mermaid has me singing tunes all night long! And of course there are the classics like Winnie The Pooh, or Mickey and his friends when you want to forget all your responsibilities and L-O-L!

  • Because everything always gets better when you and your girls have an impromptu sleepover

One of my favourite things during school years, was having those meticulously planned sleepovers with friends – the parents approved plans, snacks were bought and sleep was forgotten for one night. Having your best girlfriends over, putting on your cutest pyjamas and pampering yourself with face-masks, eating tubs of ice cream while spilling our latest secrets – this still remains my favourite childhood tradition and one I’m carrying forward with me, no matter how old I get!

  • Because life’s a lot more fun when you can wear cute pyjamas all day and not worry about responsibilities

Bills, rents, responsibilities – some days when these feel like there’s too much on my plate, I like to wear my comfiest printed pyjamas (anything with Mickey Mouse works!) and walk around like I have no cares in the world; just like I did when I was little!

And guess what? Zivame’s newest Disney nightwear collection is here! And it’s got me feeling like I’m a pre-teen again (best years, if you ask me). If anyone needs me, I’ll be home in my Winnie The Pooh nightdress, binge-watching Disney re-runs all night!

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