UncategorizedProblems Only Curvy Women Will Understand

If you have a cup size of D or another letter of the alphabet after that, you probably know the unavoidable bothers of having a big bust. You never got to pick that strapless dress, you’ve refrained from wearing button down shirts, you’ve broken a few bra straps and never even dared to think of bikinis. We get you.

So, if you instantly exclaim “Oh, yes!” to any of these problems below, we’ve got the solutions for you!

A run is no fun!

Neither is dancing, skipping or getting on the treadmill! That awkward bounce, uncomfortable jiggle and unbearable stares just add to the discomfort. And sports bras are some sort of joke, right?

No, not if you pick one from our collection. Our sports bras aren’t restricted to just the typical S, M and L sizes. We have everything right from 32B to 46E! (Yes, you read that right)  

Tops and dresses fit perfectly…except around the bust

Moment of silence for all the amazing outfits you had to let go of. It’s in your size, the colour looks gorgeous on you and it’s perfect around your shoulders and waist. But when it comes to your chest, noooo!

But fret not! Our minimizer bras are a godsend. They are crafted to evenly distribute the breast tissue for a reduced bust appearance, so you can wear all those dresses you discarded, with complete confidence!. Sounds perfect, right?

Women think it’s okay to ask “What’s your cup size?”

Regardless of whether they are the inquisitive or the envious kind, don’t feel the need to answer unless they are advisors from the lingerie section.

Drop by to the nearest Zivame Studio for an elevated lingerie shopping experience. With 1200+ styles and non-judgemental but knowledgeable Fit Advisors to guide you, we’ve got all that you need!

Bra shopping is a pain!

Liking the design isn’t the only criteria to pick a style. There are way too many boxes that need to be checked before finalizing a bra. High coverage, thick straps, broad sideband – the list goes on.

Thankfully, our TrueCurv Collection is crafted for curvy sizes and checks all these boxes. But how stylish could these functional bras be, you ask? Check ‘em out, they’re a perfect blend of fashion and function, and we bet you’ll fall in love!

Your bust randomly decides to play peekaboo!

Ever looked at a photo and wondered why it looks like you have a strange bump above your bra line? Secretly adjusted your bra in public when you thought no one was looking? Yes, spillage is a constant companion for the curvy!

We’ve heard this complaint way too many times and our designers decided to do something about it! Then came our super support bras that provide high coverage in the front and also have wide side and back wings, so there’s no spillage – anywhere! So, now you don’t have to shy away from bodycon dresses, you can rock them instead!

So, if you’re curvy and you know it, we’ve got you covered! In more ways than one!


Team Zivame